Important Things To Avoid Doing In WordPress

by | Blog | 14th June, 2018

Without wanting to frighten you too much, there are certain things you can do in WordPress that will just plain break it. On a less worrying (but also important) note, there are other things you can do that we would certainly advise against — whether it represents a potential security risk...

How to SEO WordPress

by | Blog | 12th June, 2018

Ok so you have your site up and running, but you’re not getting found in search engines as well as you hoped you would. So how do you optimise WordPress for search engines? In this tutorial we are going to make a number of steps to show you how to...

What Are Breadcrumbs And How To Add Them To WordPress

by | Blog | 4th May, 2018

Breadcrumbs are an essential navigation element for any website with multiple levels of organization. They allow your visitors to trace their path from the page they’re currently on back to the homepage of your site through all the levels in between—hence, the reference to breadcrumbs as a supposed means of...