How to SEO WordPress

by | Blog | 12th June, 2018

Ok so you have your site up and running, but you’re not getting found in search engines as well as you hoped you would. So how do you optimise WordPress for search engines? In this tutorial we are going to make a number of steps to show you how to...

How To Create Your Own Sitemap For WordPress

by | Blog | 1st June, 2018

A sitemap is similar to a real map. It’s essentially an e-map for search engines, that helps search engines find and access every nook and cranny of your website easily. If your website is large or has a lot of content under different categories then it can make it difficult...

4 Steps To Improving Your Rankings In Google With WordPress

by | Blog | 16th October, 2012

Today We’re going to talk about how to add a sitemap to Google webmaster tools to help improve your sites rankings, and visibility in Google. What is a sitemap? Simply put, a sitemap is a map of your website; A single ‘page’ on your website that lists every other page on your website. Do I need a...