Add extra security to your WordPress Admin directory

by | Blog | 27th May, 2013

Recently there has been a spate of distributed <span id="urn:enhancement-aa3e88a9-f945-474f-42c9-92302c69767c" class="textannotation disambiguated wl-thing wl-no-link" itemid="">brute force</span> attempts against <span id="urn:enhancement-6abb5a1b-62ca-43be-2435-263c328ed2b9" class="textannotation disambiguated wl-thing wl-no-link" itemid="">WordPress</span> websites. The way this works is, a network of “drones” attempt to log into your WordPress website using common usernames and passwords. If you have...

5 Simple WordPress Optimization Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

by | Blog | 18th August, 2012

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Whilst your initial experience with the WordPress admin area was probably rather intimidating, after a day or two of exploring, you probably started to find your way around rather easily. What you may not know is...