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Our Compliance

At HostPresto! we continuously improve our services in order to offer you the very best performance, features, security and privacy. With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there are obligations for organisations that process EU personal data.

We’re a UK company from top to bottom, our office and staff are all in the UK, and our servers are located in Kent with a fast link into the UK’s Internet backbone.

We’ve always taken the privacy of our customers (and our customer’s customer’s) very seriously.

We welcome the GDPR and the increased protection it gives. We have completed our internal readiness program and you can find out anything you need to know from our Terms of Services and recently updated Privacy Policy

Your GDPR Compliance

If you have questions relating to your own company’s GDPR compliance, please check our Security FAQ which are designed to help you answer questions for your own compliance. We also recommend this free ebook which is a great guide on GDPR for marketers.