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A range of reseller hosting plans at affordable prices. All based out of our UK data center offering full control of your clients. We offer solutions designed to suit any reseller with a host of resalable services.

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UK Reseller Hosting Plans
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Nano Reseller
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  • Host 25 Websites
  • 50GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
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Mega Reseller
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exc VAT
  • Host 50 Websites
  • 100GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
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Giga Reseller
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exc VAT
  • Host 100 Websites
  • 200GB Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
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We're one of the highest rated UK hosts

High Spec Hosting

Fast and reliable, it’s the Swiss army knife of hosting.

Fully Owned and Operated by HostPresto
HostPresto own and operate all of our own hardware, we don’t lease or resell services from other suppliers. All hardware is located in our UK datacentres and managed by our own staff.
Hosted on Enterprise NVMe SSD
We use enterprise grade NVMe SSD disks from Samsung, Micron and Intel to provide the fastest performance and highest reliability. All NVMe SSDs are fully redundant arrays, meaning when a disk fails you don’t even notice, everything carries on as normal while we slot in a replacement.
Modern, Quality Hardware
We only use the latest in enterprise grade hardware from reputable brands from Dell and Supermicro that provides the highest performance per watt for the most environmentally friendly service.
High Capacity Connectivity
Our core network consists of multiple links to create a 40Gb/s redundant system, and we have mutiple gigabit uplinks to the UK’s internet backbone; providing the lowest latency and highest network resiliency.
Fully Redundant
Our entire platform is fully redundant at every level, our power supply, network connection, servers and storage. We can lose any part of our infrastructure and carry on as normal.
Cloud Hosted & Future Proofed
All of our hosting is in our privately owned and operated cloud. The cloud not only allows for full redundancy and self healing, but it allows us to continually replace hardware behind the scenes and migrate your website onto brand-new hardware without a single millisecond of downtime.
Uptime Guarantee
We guarantee our infrastructure to 99.9% uptime. This allows for just 43 minutes of downtime per month. Fortunately we don’t have to use it, having hit 100% uptime 11 out of 12 months of the year on average since we started.
Easy and Simple to Use

Manage your hosting with cPanel, the industry’s leading control panel.

The cPanel control panel is ideal for novices and experts alike. It provides a multitude of tools to quickly and easily manage your hosting, from creating and managing emails accounts, installing applications such as WordPress or Magento, browsing your website files or setting up additional domains and redirects - all with a few clicks.

You’ll quickly become familiar with the intuitive, powerful user interface as it becomes the hub of your hosting experience.

Fully White Label & Brandable

Our white label reseller hosting service allows you to rebrand our hosting control panel in your own, custom branding. Thus making it significantly more appealing as a reseller option. You can customise the control panel visuals entirely using your own colour scheme, fonts and imagery. You can also choose what package features your clients have access to and customise the view of the user control panel.

Set your own packages, features and quotas.

Each reseller hosting package comes with full control as standard. You can define all aspects of your web hosting packages from allowed email accounts, addon domains, free SSL's, disk space/quota and additional software add-ons such as Softaculous. You can also set how many databases each user is allowed and even control their data transfer quota and bandwidth. Each reseller hosting plan is fully customisable from the ground up allowing you to create hosting plans and packages as you see fit.

Manage Centrally with WHM

Manage all of your web hosting accounts from one central panel using the very latest version of WHM (web host manager). Using WHM, you can create plans and packages with ease, setting the specific features and quotas of each with the click of a button. You can also quickly and easily access each of your individual customer accounts along with the ability to control all of the technical aspects of your reseller account via a simple, intuitive interface.

Free Migration

All of the plans and packages we offer come with free migration as standard. We'll migrate your current reseller hosting account from your existing web host over to HostPresto's infrastructure free of charge. All you need to do is get in touch with our support team after you have chosen your desired package. If you wish to discuss the logistics prior or would like help choosing a reseller hosting plan that is suitable, please get in touch.

Backups As Standard

14 Restore Points
7 daily 4 weekly restore points allow you to restore any file, folder, database or email account with a few clicks.
3 Month Data Retention
We keep the backps for 3 months, so if you suddenly realise you’ve lost a file months later, you can still get it back.
Secure Offsite Backups
Backups are stored in an offsite secured datacentre to protect against disaster, such as fire, terrorist attack or theft.
Easy to use Control Panel
The backup control panel puts you in control; easily restore multiple files, folders, databases or email accounts with a couple of clicks.

Security of the highest order

Free LetsEncrypt SSL
All domains hosted on our service enjoy free and automatic SSL from LetsEncrypt. Certificates are installed and renewed automatically.
DDoS Protection
Our network is DDoS protected. If an attack is detected, we re-route traffic through scrubbers which filter the malicious traffic out and only lets the legitimate traffic through.
Malware & Virus Scanning
Every file on your account is monitored 24x7 for changes. When a change is detected the file is scanned. If malware or a virus is detected the file is quarantined pending review.
Our hosting includes advanced firewalling and brute force protection; the system detects attacks and blocks them before they get off the ground.
Highly Secure Systems
All of our systems are secured to the highest standards, and staff are trained on security. We’re proud to say in our 20 years of hosting we’ve never been security compromised.
ISO Certification
Our datacentre holds all relevant ISO certification and security practises, find out more in our dedicated security section.

The Full Specs

Every hosting package includes the following

File Management & Access
  • Easy to use Web Based File Manager
  • Fast & Secure FTP
  • SSH Access
  • Latest MySQL versions as standard
  • SSD MySQL for fast queries
  • phpMyAdmin DB Management
  • Postgres available on request
  • Database user and privilege management
  • UK based support
  • Available 24/7/365
  • Highly trained and technical
  • Comprehensive Knoweldgebase
Hosting & Software
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Unlimited Cron Jobs
  • Full Apache Mod Rewrite
  • Softaculous Software Installer
  • Full Git Access
  • Composer
  • Imagemagick
  • Free Website Builder
  • Daily Backups
  • 7 daily restore points
  • 4 weekly restore points (Sunday)
  • 3 monthly restore points (1st)
  • File, database & email backups
  • Offsite secure storage
  • Easy backup browsing
  • One click restores
  • PHP 5.7 to 8.1
  • Select PHP version per domain
  • Unlimited execution time
  • Unlimited memory (max_memory)
  • No disabled functions
  • LSAPI for fast processing
  • OpCache Enabled
  • Hundreds of Extensions
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • DDos Protected
  • Constant file monitoring
  • Malware and AV Scanning
  • Self Managed File Quarantine
  • Strong Firewalling
  • Brute Force Dectection
  • Blacklist Blocking
  • Multi Factor Auth
  • Password Protect Directories
  • Restrict access by IP
  • Finely tuned WAF (mod_security)
  • CloudLinux Caged Filesystem
  • Create & manage email accounts
  • Create aliases and forwarders
  • Powerful Anti Spam
  • Intuitive Webmail
  • Catch all and Default Accounts
  • Domain Forwarding
  • POP & IMAP Protocals
  • 50MB Attachment Size
  • 100/Hour Email Limit
  • Enterprise grade hardware (Dell/Supermicro)
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Resilient Cloud infrastructure
  • Redundant SSD Storage
  • 100% Enterprise SSD Disks
  • Multihomed Multigigabit Network
  • Redundant links to UK Backbone
Domains & DNS
  • Use any domain with any provider
  • Easy DNS record management
  • Add multiple domains to one package
  • Park and Alias domains on top of others
  • Latest CPUs
  • Enterprise grade SSD disks
  • Highly optimised software
  • Opcache with CRIU
  • Multigigabit network
  • ISO Certified
  • Redudnant power and cooling
  • Manned 24/7/365
  • CCTV and Biometric access
  • Backup power generators

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Green Node Hosting

100% Renewable Energy

We're a certified partner of the thegreenwebfoundation.org
Planted in our
CO2 Offset
100% Renewables
Last 30 Days
Planting Trees
We've partnered with Ecologi to plant trees, fund projects to remove CO2 and become a climate positive workforce.
Renewable Energy
All of our data centre infrastructure is powered by 100% renewable energy.  We've been certified by The Green Web Foundation to ensure our power comes from legitimate renewable sources.
Efficient Infrastructure
We run our infrastructure at the highest possible efficiency, resulting in up to half as much power consumed as a traditional host.
Green Perks
We want to be green through and through, so all staff are offered green perks such as subsidised electric vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to how many websites I can host?

Each reseller package can host a specific number of accounts, depending on the package in question – check package specs for the details.

How do I go about creating plans for my clients?

We offer full feature management so you can create plans that you can assign to your clients meaning you can duplicate package specifications quickly and easily.

Do I need to pay more if I get more customers?

No, there is no limit to the amount of customers you can have and there are no additional charges other than the single, fixed monthly fee – regardless of account or client count.

Is it easy to add/remove accounts?

Extremely easy. All of our reseller hosting plans come with Web Host Manager (WHM) which is the industry leader in web host management. You can add accounts for you or your clients within seconds.

What can I offer my clients?

As an owner of a HostPresto reseller account, not only can you resell great hosting, you can also resell any of our core services such as our world renowned backup plans and website builder.

See what our customers say

Don't just take our word for it, read it from them

Top reseller services!
"I’ve been using HostPresto’s reseller hosting services for the past part of 5 years from back when they were Dream Hosting. I’ve only got 20 or so customers but they can be quite demanding. Thankfully each and every time I’ve had an issue the guys at HostPresto have been on hand to resolve things quickly. Having a UK based support team is a god-send! Top service!"
Great for blog hosting!
"I use a reseller hosting plan rather than traditional shared hosting as I’ve got around 30 niche blogs and quite frankly having them individually hosted would cost me a fortune. HostPresto allows me to manage each and every one of them from one location so I can get on with growing my business and creating more blogs! A great service from a great bunch of guys."
Truly fantasic services!
"It’s rare to find a UK web host offering reseller hosting on UK based web servers. Most host in the US which personally I think is absurd. The team at HostPresto have been excellent over the past 3 months I’ve been using them and to date I’ve enjoyed a 100% up time – let’s hope it continues!"

Why host with HostPresto!

All of our web hosting packages offer the following

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We know you'll love your reseller hosting plan, but for peace of mind we also offer a no strings attached, 30 day money back guarantee on all our packages. Simply request a cancellation within 30 days for a full refund.
Over £300 in Extras
If our high spec, high performance and low cost reseller hosting packages are not enough, all accounts now come with over £300 in extras via add ons, additional services and package specifications. You'll struggle to find a comparable package elsewhere.
Highest Rated TrustPilot Web Host
We're the highest rated reseller web host in the UK according to TrustPilot - and it's our customers who have put us in that position. HostPresto cannot be beaten on reseller hosting plans and our UK based support is second to none.
Low Price, High Performance
This is what we're all about high spec, high performance reseller accounts for a low price that is unrivaled by our competitors. Simply compare our reseller hosting specs to those found elsewhere and you'll see the value.
24/7/365 UK Based Support
Expert technical support is on hand 24 hours a day to help. All of our staff are technically trained to the best standards so you'll get someone who knows what they're doing - first time, every time.
Free Migrations
All of our hosting and managed server solutions include free migrations for all of your websites from any other host. We know moving hosts can be hard work, so let our expert engineers do this for you.
No Setup Fees or Contracts
All of our services can be paid monthly or yearly, and there are no hidden fees, setup fees or contracts to tie you in. Our pricing is transparent, consistent and fair.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all hosting and managed services and by proactively monitoring our redundant infrastructure, we regularly hit 100% uptime on a monthly basis.

Can't decide on a package? We're ready to help!

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What are the reseller sub account specs?

You can make custom packages for your reseller sub accounts, they will have the default specifications as follows: Memory: 512MB CPU: 1 File Limit: 150k We also provide some preset packages which have higher allocations for more demanding sites, although you may not require all of the disk space allocation, the package is designed to […]

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Why cPanel and WHM are Great for Reseller Hosting

Why cPanel and WHM are Great for Reseller Hosting

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5 Reasons to Become a Web Hosting Reseller

5 Reasons to Become a Web Hosting Reseller

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Becoming a Hosting Reseller – 5 Tips

Becoming a Hosting Reseller – 5 Tips

For most, the decision to become a hosting reseller is a simple one. You either see it as a way to make money or you want to offer your existing clients an additional service – to also make money. There isn’t much more to it than that and whilst it is extremely easy to get […]

Increased File limits on all ‘plus’ packages & some new reseller packages

Increased File limits on all ‘plus’ packages & some new reseller packages

Regular users of their HostPresto cPanel may have noticed that there is a file limit, known as ‘inodes’. This is quite literally the number of files on your account. For example, one email is one file, much as the same as one image is one file also. Although we set very high limits to give […]

How to modify multiple cPanel accounts within WHM

How to modify multiple cPanel accounts within WHM

Sometimes you may need to adjust multiple cPanel accounts at once within your WHM area. As an example you may be wanting to change the package of multiple cPanel accounts so that they all use the same. Our guide will show you how to carry this out, quickly and easily Modifying multiple cPanel accounts: Firstly, log […]

How to modify a cPanel account within WHM

How to modify a cPanel account within WHM

WHM allows you to easily modify an existing cPanel account contained within your reseller hosting, or cPanel server in the event you ever need to make any adjustments. In this guide we will show you how to select, and make changes to an existing cPanel account. Firstly you will need to select the cPanel account […]

How to terminate a cPanel account within WHM

How to terminate a cPanel account within WHM

Terminating cPanel accounts that are no longer in use can be a great help in freeing up some much needed space on a Reseller account, or cPanel server. WHM provides you with the tools to quickly remove a single, or even multiple cPanel accounts. Terminating a cPanel Account: Firstly, log into your WHM account. If […]

How to add a package to WHM

How to add a package to WHM

cPanel accounts always have an associated package, which governs its resource allocation. Settings such as disk space limit, amount of email addresses allowed, database limits, domain limits and even how many email the domain on the cPanel account is allowed to send per hour. We recommend creating a package (or packages) on your WHM Reseller […]