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HostPresto offer full support for Node.js via our Node.js web hosting plans. Deploy your website or app within minutes. A full choice of Node versions, NPM and Yarn are all accessable via SSH.

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24/7/365 Support
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Node.js Mega
£6.00 exc VAT
Save 2 months on our Annual Package annually
£60.00 exc VAT
Save 2 months on our Annual Package
  • 1 Free Domain
  • Free Migration
  • Node v9 to v13
  • SSH, NPM & Yarn Included
  • 5 GB Disk Space
  • 1 CPU
  • 512MB Memory
  • Host 6 Websites / Apps
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • 6 MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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Node.js Giga
£10.00 exc VAT
Save 2 months on our Annual Package annually
£100.00 exc VAT
Save 2 months on our Annual Package
  • 1 Free Domain
  • Free Migration
  • Node v9 to v13
  • SSH, NPM & Yarn Included
  • Unlimited GB Disk Space
  • 1 CPU
  • 1024MB Memory
  • Host Unlimited Websites / Apps
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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Node.js Tera
£16.00 exc VAT
Save 2 months on our Annual Package annually
£160.00 exc VAT
Save 2 months on our Annual Package
  • 1 Free Domain
  • Free Migration
  • Node v9 to v13
  • SSH, NPM & Yarn Included
  • Unlimited GB Disk Space
  • 2 CPU
  • 1024MB Memory
  • Host Unlimited Websites / Apps
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
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Node.js MegaNode.js GigaNode.js Tera
Free Domain
Free Migration
Node v9 to v13
SSH, NPM & Yarn Included
GB Disk Space 5 Unlimited Unlimited
CPU 1 1 2
Memory 512MB 1024MB 1024MB
Host Websites / Apps 6 Unlimited Unlimited
Email Accounts Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
MySQL Databases 6 Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Annually £60.00 Get 2 Months Free £100.00 Get 2 Months Free £160.00 Get 2 Months Free
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Node.js Hosting Plans With Full SSH Access

All of the Node.js dedicated web hosting plans we offer here at HostPresto come with full SSH (secure shell) access so you can setup and configure your Node.js application effectively.

Multiple Database Options - MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL

We realised our Node.js hosting customers require more than a regular shared hosting account which is why our Node.js plans come with a range of database options such as MysQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL.

Node.js Hosting Features

All our Node.js Hosting plans come with these great features!

Free Backups
All of our Node.js cloud hosting solutions come with a full online backup suite that allows you to view and restore old/deleted files at your leisure. Best of all, our backup service is completely free across all packages meaning you can rest assured knowing your data is safe.
Cloud Hosted
Your Node.js app will be hosted securely via our London-based cloud infrastructure. We understand how important a fast, secure, reliable and optimised host is for Node.js developers and we’re 110% confident that HostPresto as a company can most definitely provide that.
No Hidden Fees
The price you see at HostPresto is the price you pay. There are no hidden fees or charges with any of our web hosting packages. Just choose your payment term and that’s the amount you’ll pay. No extras, no special discounts that only last a month. A clear and concise competitive price!
Money Back Guarantee
We offer a full money back guarantee on all of the hosting plans we offer. If for some reason you’re not happy with the service we’ve provided or for some reason you simply don’t want to use us for your hosting needs, just let us know within 30 days of signing up and we’ll happily refund your money.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
The truth is, we’re one of the most reliable web hosting firms out there. We pride ourselves on it. As a result of this, we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, one of the best in the industry. Of course, issues do happen but our self healing server technology can resolve any issues before they become issues that potentially affect your project.
UK Hosted
All of our staff and physical hardware are located in the UK. Our senior management right through to first line support staff all reside in the United Kingdom and our servers are located in our state of the art London data center. This means you’ll get excellent support, excellent/lightning fast connectivity and ultimately a service you can trust.
What Can Node.js Be Used For?
Here are three common uses for Node.js
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  • Back-end App Development: Node.js is essentially Javascript outside of the browser. This means it’s great for back-end application development.
  • Real-Time Apps: Given the versatility of Node.js it is often used for the creation of real time applications or RTA’s. These are typically web-based applications that allow you to interact with them such as Google Docs, chatrooms, browser games and so on.
  • API Development API’s or application programming interface is a mechanism that allows interaction between various software components.

All Node.js Hosting Plans Include

All of these great features!

Full SSH Access
HostPresto provides full SSH/shell access for all of the Node.js hosting plans we offer. We aim to make developing and deploying your Node.js application as quickly and easy as possible and will provide all of the necessary tools in order for you to do just that. We’re also experts in Node.js development ourselves so you can rest assured in the knowledge that our support team can be on hand to answer any queries you may have.
Easy Deployment
Deploying your application on our Node.js hosting packages couldn’t be easier. We provide a full set of tools and full shell access to allow you to do just that. All of our hosting plans are pre-configured and optimised to support even the most resource intensive Node.js applications and our expert support team will be on hand at every stage in the process from start to finish to make sure that your app deployment is a success.
Database Support
We offer a full range of supporting applications for Node.js including MySQL, SQLite and PostgreSQL. Should you need any help or assistance configuring your Node.js app or would like access to additional libraries/modules or dependencies then HostPresto are on hand to help. We’ve been supporting Node.js in the background for several years now but have now created the above packages which come fully optimised right out of the box.
Fully Optimised
All of our Node JS hosting plans come fully optimised from the outset. With other hosts, if you want your Node.js application to run at its optimum you’d often need to request various configuration changes and possibly additional software/module installs for your app to function. Not at HostPresto. We’ve specifically designed a bunch of Node.js hosting plans that come optimised right out of the box with little to no need for extra config.
Expert Node.js Support
Simply put, HostPresto are huge fans of Node.js and everyone in our team from senior management right through to first line support have all been trained in alleviating the common issues posed during initial/new host deployments. This means that you can be sure even if you do have the slightest issue when it comes to getting your app up and running you’ll have the support on hand when you need. We’re one of the only fully UK based Node.js hosts too so you can be sure your requests will be answered in a timely fashion.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I use Node.js for my application?
The main advantage of writing an application with Node.js is that it allows you to use both the same language for front end and back end development. Historically, with web apps, your front end would be written in a different language to your back end. This obviously has numerous advantages.
Which database should I use for Node.js?
There are numerous database options out there when it comes to Node.js. Most developers prefer MongoDB as it’s extremely JS friendly given it uses JSON for storage. But essentially you can use whatever database you feel comfortable with from MySQL to Redis.
Won't Node.js run on a regular web hosting account?
Typically yes, you can run Node.js on any web hosting account providing it’s installed and you have command line access to manage your deployments. However, optimised packages are always better and hosting with a firm like HostPresto who are highly experienced in Node.js development can save you a lot of time in the long run.
What sort of apps can I build using Node.js?
Node.js is one of the most versatile runtimes out there and in short, if you can dream it up you can probably use Node.js to build it. Whatever web based app you can think of from games to chatrooms, Node.js has the functions and capabilities to handle it.
I want to use Angular.js, is that the same thing?
In short, no. Angular.js is a framework. Node.js is a runtime environment. You’d use a framework such as Angular to build the front end of your application (should you choose to) and couple that with a back end often written in something else entirely. Node.js essentially combines the two.

Long time Node User
"I have been creating Node.js for a few years now and have always had issues with the major hosts. Typically configuration issues or simply lack of knowledge/support surrounding Node.js. That was until I found HostPresto. Not only are the servers extremely well configured out of the box, the support team are also highly knowledgeable when it comes to Node.js which is a rarity in this industry."
Anthony Fletcher
Chatham, Kent
Simply nobody better!
"I have been running various Node.js deployments on my VPS I have here with HostPresto and being a long term customer I can tell you that when it comes to Node.js web hosting there is nobody better than HP. Not only do they have the hardware and infrastructure to support development but the support team are also highly adept when it comes to dealing with even complex issues."
Joshua Saunders
Epping, Essex
Excellent support!
"It’s rare to find a commercial web host that supports programmers and developers like HostPresto does. That, if I’m being honest is what attracted me to them in the first place. Sure, the service and price is second to none also but it’s rare to find a company from top to bottom who understand and support runtimes such as Node.js."
Warren Norton
Ferryhill, Durham

Why host with HostPresto?

It's simple.. We offer all of the below in each and every package!

Dedicated 24/7/365 Support
Our support team is available around the clock to assist you with any issues that arise regarding your website hosting account.
UK Based Independent Host
We’re one of the largest, last remaining independent web hosting companies in the United Kingdom.
Well Loved, Well Respected
We’re loved by our customers, just check the reviews. We’re also respected by our peers in the industry.
Monthly or Annual Billing
All of the plans and packages throughout our entire site are available via monthly or annual billing.
Industry Leading Uptime
We offer an industry leading 99.9% uptime across all of our web hosting plans and packages.
Free Website Migration
HostPresto offers a free website migration service for all new customers regardless of site size or platform.
No Setup Fees or Contracts
There are no setup fees or hidden bolt on charges with any of our plans. There are also no contracts.
Entirely UK Based
Our entire operation is based out of the UK. From server hardware to support to senior level management.

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