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Deploy and run your NodeJS App Quickly & Effortlessly. We'll deploy your application to your own private server completely free of charge. Simple, fast, reliable and flexible - it's the ideal solution for any Node App.

Beginner or expert, we've got you covered

All packages include ...

Easy Deployment
From Git or zip file, we'll deploy your app and get it online for you free of charge.
Any Node Version
We'll support any node version you require for your app, from the oldest to the newest.
Any Database
Choose from MySQL, Mongo, Redis, Postgres, or any other persistent storage.
NPM, Yarn & More
You can use NPM, Yarn, or any other package manager you prefer.
SSH and SFTP access for command line manangement and secure file transfer.
SSL Included
LetsEncrypt integration as standard provides free SSL Certificates for your domains.
24/7/265 Support
We're at your command (line)! Highly technical support staff are on hand 24/7.
Daily Backups
We'll backup your app daily and retain 7 daily and 4 weekly restoration points.

Node.js Hosting Packages

Annually (2 Months Free)
30 Day Money
Back Guarantee
99.9% Uptime
Free Setup &
No Hidden Fees
Same Price
Every Year
No Contracts -
Cancel Any Time
Node 1
exc VAT
exc VAT
  • Apps 1
  • SSD Storage 5GB
  • Spec 1 CPU
  • Spec 1 GB Memory
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Node 2
exc VAT
exc VAT
  • Apps 2
  • SSD Storage 10GB
  • Spec 2 CPU
  • Spec 2 GB Memory
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Node 5
exc VAT
exc VAT
  • Apps 5
  • SSD Storage 20GB
  • Spec 4 CPU
  • Spec 4 GB Memory
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Node 10
exc VAT
exc VAT
  • Apps 10
  • SSD Storage 40GB
  • Spec 6 CPU
  • Spec 6 GB Memory
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We're one of the highest rated UK hosts

Need Email?

Add on email, with POP/IMAP to keep multiple devices in sync, webmail and powerful spam filtering from £2.50 / month.

Ultimate Node Hosting Platform

Your Private Server Managed By Us

You'll have your own VPS to run your Node Application, so everything remains private, secure and performant. All packages include server manangement as standard. This means we'll setup your server, deploy your application and get it running.

Once you're online, we'll give you instructions to update your application if needed, and we'll continually monitor your server to ensure it's online and running 24/7. We proactively detect issues and fix automatically, so you can sleep easy.

Choice of Databases

If you need database or persistent storage, we can deploy your server with almost any database engine, such as MySQL, MongoDB, Redis or PostgreSQL.

If you need something bespoke or specific, give us a shout and we can advise.

DDOS Protected

Our entire network is DDOS protected with multiple TB of protection. We monitor our network at the edge, so when a threat is detected, traffic is routed through scrubbers which clean and remove the threat, allowing legitimate traffic to continue as normal.

This happens all within a few seconds and is completely transparent to anyone - your visitors won't know any difference!

Enterprise Infrastructure

We use state-of-the-art hardware and continually refresh our systems, so you'll always be hosted on the fatest CPUs and most reliable SSDs.

We only use enterprise grade SSDs with the highest performance and longest lifetime to ensure your data is protected. We also backup your data daily and store it offsite for extra security and protection against user error.

Our infrastructure is redundant at every level, including the network which is multi-homed to the internet backbone and our power supplies.

Our cloud allows us to quickly migrate you to new hardware in the event of a failure.

Fully Scalable

You can grow your service as you need, from small servers right up to large, multiserver installations serving thousands of requests per second.

We pro-rata your upgrade cost, so you'll only pay the difference in package price for the time remaining to your next renewal.

Our engineers are experienced in the real-world high availability, high traffic systems. If you're looking for a large scale managed solution please get in touch, we'll be happy to discuss.

Green Node Hosting

100% Renewable Energy

We're a certified partner of the thegreenwebfoundation.org
Planted in our
CO2 Offset
100% Renewables
Last 30 Days
Planting Trees
We've partnered with Ecologi to plant trees, fund projects to remove CO2 and become a climate positive workforce.
Renewable Energy
All of our data centre infrastructure is powered by 100% renewable energy.  We've been certified by The Green Web Foundation to ensure our power comes from legitimate renewable sources.
Efficient Infrastructure
We run our infrastructure at the highest possible efficiency, resulting in up to half as much power consumed as a traditional host.
Green Perks
We want to be green through and through, so all staff are offered green perks such as subsidised electric vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Node.js for my application?

The main advantage of writing an application with Node.js is that it allows you to use both the same language for front end and back end development. Historically, with web apps, your front end would be written in a different language to your back end. This obviously has numerous advantages.

Which database should I use for Node.js?

There are numerous database options out there when it comes to Node.js. Most developers prefer MongoDB as it's extremely JS friendly given it uses JSON for storage. But essentially you can use whatever database you feel comfortable with from MySQL to Redis.

Won't Node.js run on a regular web hosting account?

Typically yes, you can run Node.js on any web hosting account providing it's installed and you have command line access to manage your deployments. However, optimised packages are always better and hostng on a purpose built, optimised Node.js platform can save you a lot of time in the long run.

What sort of apps can I build using Node.js?

Node.js is one of the most versatile runtimes out there and in short, if you can dream it up you can probably use Node.js to build it. Whatever web based app you can think of from games to chatrooms, Node.js has the functions and capabilities to handle it.

I want to use Angular.js, is that the same thing?

While they are not the same thing you can host your Angular app on our Node.js platform. Angular.js is a framework. Node.js is a runtime environment. You'd use a framework such as Angular to build the front end of your application (should you choose to) and couple that with a back end often written in something else entirely. Node.js essentially combines the two.

See what our customers say

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Long time Node User
"I have been creating Node.js for a few years now and have always had issues with the major hosts. Typically configuration issues or simply lack of knowledge/support surrounding Node.js. That was until I found HostPresto. Not only are the servers extremely well configured out of the box, the support team are also highly knowledgeable when it comes to Node.js which is a rarity in this industry."
Simply nobody better!
"I have been running various Node.js deployments on my VPS I have here with HostPresto and being a long term customer I can tell you that when it comes to Node.js web hosting there is nobody better than HP. Not only do they have the hardware and infrastructure to support development but the support team are also highly adept when it comes to dealing with even complex issues."
Excellent support!
"As a developer I am thankful I was able to find HostPresto. It's rare to have an independent web host with a support team who are personally well versed in all aspects of web design and developmnet. It makes explaining things and resolving web hosting issues so much easier."

Why host with HostPresto

All of our web hosting packages offer the following

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We know you'll love our services, but for peace of mind we'll give you a 30 day money back guarantee. Request cancellation in the first 30 days and we'll refund you no questions asked.
UK Company, UK Staff, UK Datacentre
We're a UK registered company based on the south coast and all of our staff remote work around the UK. Our datacentre is located in Kent. We pay our taxes in the UK and we're not affiliated with any multinational companies.
Leading Independent Web Host
We're one of the leading independent UK hosts with hundreds of genuine customer reviews on TrustPilot. We aren't owned by any big multi nationals, we're small, passionate and caring.
We Own Everything, We Never Resell
We own and operate all of our infrastructure - we never resell services from other companies. This allows us complete control over the service we provide. It allows us to give you a predictable, reliable, low cost service.
24/7/365 UK Based Support
Expert technical support is on hand 24 hours a day to help. All of our staff are technically trained to the best standards so you'll get someone who knows what they're doing - first time, every time.
Free Migrations
All of our hosting and managed server solutions include free migrations for all of your websites from any other host. We know moving hosts can be hard work, so let our expert engineers do this for you.
No Setup Fees or Contracts
All of our services can be paid monthly or yearly, and there are no hidden fees, setup fees or contracts to tie you in. Our pricing is transparent, consistent and fair.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all hosting and managed services and by proactively monitoring our redundant infrastructure, we regularly hit 100% uptime on a monthly basis.

Can't decide on a package? We're ready to help!

Our team are all highly experienced in Node apps and hosting.

NodeJS Tutorials

Guides, tutorials and tips on all things Node

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Nodejs Vs PHP: Which Works Best?

Before getting into the “battle” between Node.js and PHP we need to understand why the issue is still ongoing. It all started with the increased demand for smartphone applications, their success forcing developers to adapt to new back-end technologies that could handle a multitude of simultaneous requests. JavaScript has always been identified as a client-side […]

Node.js Authentication – A Complete Guide with Passport and JWT

Node.js Authentication – A Complete Guide with Passport and JWT

Truth be told, it’s difficult for a web application that doesn’t have some kind of identification, even if you don’t see it as a security measure in and of itself. The Internet is a kind of lawless land, and even on free services like Google’s, authentication ensures that abuses will be avoided or at least […]

Node.js and MongoDB: How to Connect MongoDB With Node

Node.js and MongoDB: How to Connect MongoDB With Node

MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database, which was born in 2007 in California as a service to be used within a larger project, but which soon became an independent and open-source product. It stores documents in JSON, a format based on JavaScript and simpler than XML, but still with good expressiveness. It is the dominant […]

Using MySQL with Node.js: A Complete Tutorial

Using MySQL with Node.js: A Complete Tutorial

Although data persistence is almost always a fundamental element of applications, Node.js has no native integration with databases. Everything is delegated to third-party libraries to be included manually, in addition to the standard APIs. Although MongoDB and other non-relational databases are the most common choice with Node because if you need to scale an application, […]

Node.Js Vs Django: Which Is the Best for Your Project

Node.Js Vs Django: Which Is the Best for Your Project

Django and NodeJs are two powerful technologies for web development, both have great functionality, versatile applications, and a great user interface. Both are open source and can be used for free. But which one fits your project best? NodeJs is based on JavaScript, while Django is written in Python. These are two equally popular technologies […]

How to start Node.js development on HostPresto!

How to start Node.js development on HostPresto!

In this tutorial we will create a brand new Node.js application on HostPresto! Let’s start by setting up our HostPresto! Environment. Creating a subdomain: Suppose you have a domain registered with HostPresto! – yourname.xyz. For this tutorial, we will create a subdomain: node.youname.xyz We think this is the most natural and straightforward method. Setting up […]

Getting to Grips with Node.js

Getting to Grips with Node.js

Node.JS is an innovative JavaScript runtime solution built on the Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. An asynchronous event-driven runtime solution, Node is intended to help developers make more scalable and responsive network applications. With Node, developers can handle multiple connections concurrently and achieve better outcomes with their applications. Node offers an alternative solution to the common […]

Getting to Grips with Node.js: What is it and What does it Do?

Getting to Grips with Node.js: What is it and What does it Do?

The answer to that question depends on who you ask. Fundamentally, Node.js is a carefully-packaged compilation of the Google V8 JavaScript engine, a core library, and the LibUV platform abstraction layer. Of course, Node.js is more than just a bunch of code. It’s a solution for creating real-time websites with their own push capabilities. For […]

Should I learn Django or Node.JS?

Should I learn Django or Node.JS?

Comparing Django to Node.JS is a difficult concept, because Django is a web framework, while Node.JS is simply a library that was written for the JavaScript V8 Engine. In other words, comparing the two is a lot like looking at apples and oranges. While you can’t compare Node.JS and Django perfectly, what you can do […]

How to Install Mastodon on Ubuntu 16.04

How to Install Mastodon on Ubuntu 16.04

Mastodon is a free and open source social network platform very similar to the Twitter. Anyone can run Mastodon and participate in running a social network seamlessly. It is written in Ruby and JavaScript. In this tutorial, we will install Mastodon in Ubuntu 16.04 server. Requirements A server running Ubuntu 16.04. A normal user with […]