Domain Privacy / Whois Optout

When a domain is registered, the WHOIS database shows the names and addresses of .uk domain registrants. However it does not show any other personal information such as email addresses or telephone numbers.

The WHOIS database is available for everyone to view and some people may wish to opt out of having their address shown and consequently .uk WHOIS privacy options are available to allow private individuals to opt-out.

WHOIS opt out is provided when a new domain is being purchased or this can be added later via the domain management section.

Purchasing a new domain with WHOIS protection

1 Log into your 'Client Area'.

2 Go to 'Domains' from the top menu followed by 'Register a New Domain'.

3 Enter in your new domain name and choose a .uk domain extension from the drop down menu.

4 Select 'Check Availability'. This action will advise whether the domain that you are looking to register is available or whether it has already been registered by someone else.

5 If the domain that you've chosen is available, the status will be shown as 'Available! Order Now'.

If the domain is not available, the status 'Unavailable' will be displayed. You can repeat instruction 3 and search for an alternative.

If you are happy with your new domain choice, select 'Add to Cart'.

6 Enter your name in the 'Registrant Name box, select your 'Legal Type' and tick the 'WHOIS Opt-out' checkbox.

Configure the nameservers for the new domain. By default, the nameservers for the site's hosting network will be shown.

If you want to use custom nameservers, please change these.

If you require any additional hosting services for this domain, you can select 'No Hosting! Click to Add' to add this also to your cart.

Proceed by selecting 'Update Cart'.

7 The details of your order at this point will be confirmed on screen by showing the items in your cart. If you are happy to continue, select 'Checkout'.

8 You will now need to confirm your details and payment method.

Once complete, select 'Complete Order' to register the new domain.

Information Once the registration of the new domain is complete, you will be able to manage it via the 'Domains' -> 'My Domains' section of the Client Area. Please allow up to 24 hours for the nameservers to update before accessing the new domain via your web browser.

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