Types of SSL Certificates

There are two different types of SSL certificates that are available. Both offer 256-bit SSL certificate encryption and a site seal logo to let visitors to your website know that your website is 100% secure. A dedicated IP address for your site (required by SSL) is also included.

Standard SSL Certificate

A Standard 256-bit SSL Certificate for a single website on a 1 year term would be perfect for small and start up businesses who would like to prove to their visitors that their details are 100% secure, showing the https:// URL prefix and a padlock icon on the web browser.

Wildcard SSL Certificate

A single Wildcard Certificate can be shared among any number of sub-domains on your website, minimising security costs but keeping the protection level high. As an example, a Wildcard SSL certificate would cover:

  • your-domain.com
  • forum.your-domain.com
  • mail.your-domain.com

With Wildcard SSL, you also get https:// URL prefix and a padlock icon on the web browser.

To order either types of SSL, please see the following help article - 'Ordering & Configuring an SSL Certificate'.

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