Dedicated IP Address
Domain Privacy

Site Migration

IMAP Email Migration
Backup - 500GB

  • Disk Space (500 x GB).

  • Works with Mac, Windows, Linux and Sun Solaris (laptops, desktops or servers)

  • Backs up all types of files, including email or database server files**

  • Automatically backs up your device over a secure connection

  • Provides continuous data protection with incremental/differential backups that can be run every minute if needed

  • Archive copies can be kept for as long as needed, subject to storage space allocation becoming full

  • Initiation at user level or administrator level (from the central server) as well as by preset schedule

  • Encrypts your data to ensure complete privacy

  • Compresses data to reduce transfer times and storage

  • Data is online 24 hours a day - no more need for backup tapes

  • Hard-disk 'seeding' service available to speed up the initial backup or restore of data volumes over 20Gb - applies to Full version only. Please contact RapidHost for more information

**Database files - you should check with your database software author to see if the database software needs to be closed before a backup can be taken. Database files from MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle software can be backed up without closing the database. If you are unsure please contact us for advice.