Managed Magento Hosting with millisecond page loads and full PCI Compliance

Our cutting edge platform will supercharge your Magento website. With high performance hardware, multi layer caching and a technical account manager who will monitor and optimise your site, you'll never seen Magento load so fast.

Best of all? We'll migrate your site and you can try it free for 60 days.

All Managed Magento Hosting Includes

Near Instant Page Loads
We’ve built a cutting edge, high performance Magento hosting platform from the ground up using the very best in class hardware and software to load your site in miliseconds.
Massive Traffic Handling
A global CDN and page cache means your site can serve thousands of visitors a minute so you can stay online and take advantage of even the highest peaks.
Fully Secure & PCI-DSS Compliant
Our Magento hosting is PCI-DSS compliant out of the box, and in the event you need custom tweaks to satisfy even the most picky of scan vendors we can apply those for you to get you a passing test. Our platform is built with the highest levels of security for your site and it’s data.
Daily Backups
We backup your data daily to our secure off-site storage facility, and we can also take backups on demand. Backups are stored for 3 months meaning you can restore any file, folder or database table at various points within the last 3 months.
Free Global CDN
Our global CDN with 9 locations spread around the world , your sites media and content is cached at each location and delivered to the users within miliseconds no matter where they are.
Technical Manager
You’ll be assigned a highly experienced technical account manager who has Magento expertise. Your manager will be hands on, in charge of your migration, and testing and optimising your site so you get the best out of our platform.

The Magento platform built for ultimate speed

We've put together the highest end hardware in the most optimal configuration possible

Global CDN
The global CDN delivers your site’s media and assets from accross the world.
Page Caching
Cached pages load in miliseconds to users for that instant page load feeling.
Elastic Search
Slow product searches are a thing of the past - our high performance elastic cluster will return search results to your users in miliseconds.
Redis Object Caching
Caching data in redis greatly improves the performance of your website, it provides much faster access than the database.
MySQL Database
This is where your website data lives, it’s fast, it’s fully redundant and it’s backed up daily.

How does it work?

Here’s the features that make our Magento platform one of the fastest.

Page level caching
The key to a fast Magento website is page caching. When your server generates a page, be it for a product, a category or even your homepage, we store the page in it’s raw format in cache. The next time a visitor load your page it comes from the cache, and because it’s already generated and stored it can be sent to the user within 30ms - perceptually instantly!
Backend Object Caching
Sometimes there are situations where a page isn’t in cache, or it can’t be cached - for example the admin dashboard, or the shopping cart. This is where backend object caching comes in. To ensure the fastest possible load times when a page cant be cached, instead we cache as much data as possible.
Fast Database
Your products, users and other website data is stored permenantly in the database. A fast and reliable database is key to Magento’s speed. Our database cluster is high performance, fully redundant and hevily optimised for the fastest responses on even the biggest of databases.
Global CDN
So now you have near instant loading pages using our platform, but what good is that if your product photos and other site media loads slowly because the user is over the other side of the world? This is where the global CDN comes in. We’ll cache your site’s media and assets globally and send them to the user from the closest possible location.
Fast Search
The product search is one of the most hevily used features of a Magento site, and traditiaionally it’s been very slow. Our high performance Elastic Search cluster indexes your Magento products and is ready to respond to a visitor’s search query in miliseconds.
We’ve been working with Magento for years, and we know it well. We’ve fine tuned every aspect of our platform to squeeze the most out of it to get the very best in cost performance ratio, meaning we can provide faster hosting at a lower price than our competitors.

The Packages

Upfront pricing, no tricks, free 60 day trial and free migration.

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Managed Magento 1 Managed Magento 2 Managed Magento 5 Managed Magento 10 Managed Magento 20
Pay annually and get 2 months free
Magento Installations
Number of indivudal Magento sites you can host.
SSD Storage Space
Storage space for your Magento installation and media.
Server Specs
The CPU and Memory allocated to your instalation(s). Database, caching & search do not use these resources.
2 CPUs
2 GB Memory
3 CPUs
3 GB Memory
4 CPUs
4 GB Memory
8 CPUs
8 GB Memory
16 CPUs
16 GB Memory
Technical Management
A technical account manager who will optimise your installations. Find out more.
Staging Environements
A clone of your site for testing your changes with a staging site before you make them live. Find out more.
1 per site
1 per site
1 per site
2 per site
2 per site
Email Suite
Send & Receive email from your domain with a full email suite included. Find out more.
10 Accounts 5GB Email Space
10 Accounts 5GB Email Space
10 Accounts 5GB Email Space
per site | upgradable
10 Accounts 5GB Email Space
per site | upgradable
10 Accounts 5GB Email Space
per site | upgradable
Start Trial Start Trial Start Trial Start Trial Start Trial Start Trial Start Trial Start Trial Start Trial Start Trial
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The details

Upfront pricing, no tricks, free 60 day trial and free migration.

Your own high spec private server

Unlike other hosts that offer shared hosting for Magento, we give your sites their own private server. The server, which is hosted on our fully redundant cloud infrastructure uses the latest spec hardware for best in class performance and reliability.

As it’s a private server, your websites processes and filesystem is completely isolated from other users, meaning you can’t be affected by them, both in terms of performance and security.

Technical Account Manager

Every Managed Magento package includes a highly experienced, technical wizard who will become your main point of contact. They will take on management of your account from day 1. This starts by discussing your requirements and arranging migration with you. They will then oversee the migration itself to ensure it goes smoothly. Finally your account manager will monitor your site, perform on server optimisations with you, as well as discuss site side optimisations so you get the very best out of your service.

Once your onboarding is complete, your account manager will be on hand to answer any questions you have and handle any problems that may arrise.

Of course, you’re always backed up by our 24/7/364 support staff who are all highly technical and capable. Our staff are trained to take ownership if your issue and resolve it quickly and effectivly.

Daily Backups

Backups of your website, all it’s files and media, and your entire database are taken daily and stored securly in our off-site backup system. The sytem takes file level backup and table level database backups, meaning that you can browse and restore any file, folder, database or specific database table and restore it.

Backups are stored in 7 daily and 4 weekly (taken on a Sunday night) rotating basis. Meaning you can restore anything you need from any of those points in the last 4 weeks.

DDOS Protection, Security and PCI-DSS Compliant

We’ve built our platform with the highest standards of security, network, server and application security are all configured by default to be as impenetrable as possible.

At the network level DDOS protection continually monitors the traffic passing through our systems. If an attack is detected we’ll reroute the traffic to our scrubbers which will clean the traffic, allowing legtimate data to pass through only.

At the server level, network firewalling and web application firewalling blocks traffic to all but essential ports, and deflects any application level attacks.

Finally at the application level, every server is setup to be PCI-DSS Compliant from the outset, so you’ll pass your PCI Scans. Everything is configurable, so if you need us to make tweaks just let us know, and well take care of it.

Expert Migrations

Migrating hosting isn’t easy, this is why we provide free migrations for all packages. Our team will discuss your existing site with you and resarch your current setup. We’ll then put a migration plan together and migrate your site at a time that suits you. If you prefer we’ll even migrate a copy of your site first so you can test it on our hosting before we perform the full migration.

Our experts your website is migrated with minimal downtime, and in some cases we can do it with no downtime (although this depends on your current host).

We’ll test your site both before and after migration to ensure it’s working as expected. If any problems occour we’re on hand to fix them.

Want to discuss migration?

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Staging Environments

All packages offer staging environments, so you can have a duplicate version of your site running that you can use to test ideas and changes. If you mess something up you can recopy your staging envuronment from your live one and start again - as easy as that.

Staging environments are completely isolated from your live website so you can use it as a playground without fear of affecting your live site, and they also run on exactly the same configuration as your live site to give you a real world indication of performance and functionality.

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Developer Tools

Our platform is ideal for Magento developers; it includes modern development tools.

Secure access by SSH for full command line access to the developer tools, and SFTP Access for easy file upload/download.
Git & SVN
Git and SVN come ready to go. Integrate your WP Install from Github or Bitbucket. Push or pull from the server as needed.
Magneto CLI Bin
The increadibly powerful CLI tool allows you to manage Magento with ease.
Use Composer for package management, the perfect accompaniment to SSH and Git for the complete developer toolset.
Node, NPM & Yarn
SASS? Gulp? No problem. Use any Node based frontend development tools to develop, manage and deploy.
Cron Jobs
As well as the default Magento Cron, you can setup additioanl cron jobs to execute on a schedule of your choice.
Green Node Hosting
100% Renewable Energy
We're a certified partner of the
Planted in our
CO2 Offset
100% Renewables
Last 30 Days
Planting Trees
We've partnered with Ecologi to plant trees, fund projects to remove CO2 and become a climate positive workforce.
Renewable Energy
All of our data centre infrastructure is powered by 100% renewable energy. We've been certified by The Green Web Foundation to ensure our power comes from legitimate renewable sources.
Efficient Infrastructure
We run our infrastructure at the highest possible efficiency, resulting in up to half as much power consumed as a traditional host.
Green Perks
We want to be green through and through, so all staff are offered green perks such as subsidised electric vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this shared hosting or a dedicated server?

Your Magento installation(s) will be hosting on your own dedicated, private server with dedicated resources to ensure the very best performance.

Is it upgradable?

Yes, you can upgrade your Magento server at any time. We will pro-rata the difference in cost to the next pacakge so you don't lose a penny when you change pacakge.

Can I change billing cycles?

Yes, you can swap between monthly or annual billing at any renewal date. Paying annually is a great way to save.

I think I need more resources, do you offer bigger servers?

Yes - do get in touch! We can offer bespoke packages specific for your requirements, and we'll work with you to identify the most optimal specification for your Magento site.

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Simply Outstanding
"Praise where it is due. After a number of years of poor-indifferent service from other hosting companies, it is like a breath of fresh air with these guys. Support is excellent, with tickets responded to in a fraction of the time others take & all for a lower price than previously paid to others. If that isn't enough, our site is faster now. Absolutely no hesitation recommending these guys."
Amazing Service and Support!
"I have been using Host Presto for around 5 years now. The services are quick, reliable and very well priced, however, it's the customer services and tech support where these guys really shine. The whole team are fast, responsive and full of knowledge. I recommended them without hesitation."
Great service, amazing website hosting, all good! : )
"I've been working with HP for nearly 10 years now. They offer impeccable service both for hosting websites, Wordpress moves, SSL installs and IP queries. Personal help always offered and the guys are polite. Thank you so much for supporting my small biz."

Why host with HostPresto

All of our web hosting packages offer the following

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
We know you'll love our services, but for peace of mind we'll give you a 30 day money back guarantee. Request cancellation in the first 30 days and we'll refund you no questions asked.
UK Company, UK Staff, UK Datacentre
We're a UK registered company based on the south coast and all of our staff remote work around the UK. Our datacentre is located in Maidenhead. We pay our taxes in the UK and we're not affiliated with any multinational companies.
Leading Independent Web Host
We're one of the leading independent UK hosts with hundreds of genuine customer reviews on TrustPilot. We aren't owned by any big multi nationals, we're small, passionate and caring.
We Own Everything, We Never Resell
We own and operate all of our infrastructure - we never resell services from other companies. This allows us complete control over the service we provide. It allows us to give you a predictable, reliable, low cost service.
24/7/365 UK Based Support
Expert technical support is on hand 24 hours a day to help. All of our staff are technically trained to the best standards so you'll get someone who knows what they're doing - first time, every time.
Free Migrations
All of our hosting and managed server solutions include free migrations for all of your websites from any other host. We know moving hosts can be hard work, so let our expert engineers do this for you.
No Setup Fees or Contracts
All of our services can be paid monthly or yearly, and there are no hidden fees, setup fees or contracts to tie you in. Our pricing is transparent, consistent and fair.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
We offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee on all hosting and managed services and by proactively monitoring our redundant infrastructure, we regularly hit 100% uptime on a monthly basis.

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