Troubleshooting Wordpress

How To Enable Debugging Mode In WordPress To View Errors

by | Troubleshooting Wordpress | 2nd May, 2018

Are you experiencing unknown errors or bugs with your WordPress site? If the answer is yes then it may be worth enabling WordPress debug mode via your sites wp-config file to check for any errors. The wp-config file controls not only your WordPress configuration settings but is also a powerful...

Finding out which database WordPress is using

by | Troubleshooting Wordpress | 18th October, 2015

If you’re unsure on what database your WordPress website is using, you can ascertain this information by viewing one of the main WordPress configuration files. Browse the wp-config.php File In your WordPress files on your server, there is a file named wp-config.php where you can review your WordPress database connection...

Changing your WordPress Admin Password

by | Troubleshooting Wordpress | 13th July, 2015

If you need to change your WordPress admin password but you do not have access to the WordPress admin section, you can change it via either three methods – Softaculous, phpMyAdmin or by editing the WordPress functions.php file. Change the Password via Softaculous If you installed your WordPress website via...

WordPress showing ‘Error Establishing a Database Connection’

by | Troubleshooting Wordpress | 2nd June, 2015

If your WordPress website is reporting that there’s an error establishing a database connection, you can run through various steps to ensure that the database connection details are setup correctly, that the database exists, and even change the database password if you think that this is the problem. Check WordPress...

WordPress is showing Forbidden 403 on login

by | Troubleshooting Wordpress | 14th April, 2015

If you are trying to log into your WordPress website and you are seeing a ‘Forbidden 403‘ error message, this means that automatic ‘brute force’ protection has been invoked to stop any further attempts at logging in. This is a security precaution and could have been inadvertently triggered if you...