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How to duplicate a post or page in WordPress

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If you ever need to make a copy of an existing post or page within WordPress, either to test out some changes in draft mode, or to duplicate content across your site, this can easily be achieved using WordPress plugins.

In this guide we will be using the Duplicate Post plugin to show you how to make copies of your WordPress posts, or pages.

Installing the duplicator plugin:

Firstly you will need to log in your WordPress admin area / dashboard – This will normally be at a URL such as mydomain.com/wp-admin  (replacing mydomain.com with your own domain name)

Once logged in, hover over Plugins on the left menu, then click on the Add New option.

Next, In the Search box in the top left of the screen, enter ‘Duplicate Post‘ then press enter. This will search for the plugin from the WordPress plugin repository, and also show related plugins in the search result.

You should see Duplicate Post appear as the first result. Click on the Install Now button to install the plugin on WordPress.

Note: This guide is using the Duplicate Post plugin, however there are many others that will be able to do the same, should you wish to use a different plugin.

Once installed, the button will change to a blue Activate button. Click this to activate the plugin.

Duplicating a Post or Page:

Once you have activated the plugin, go to either your ‘All Posts‘ or ‘All Pages‘ area, for this guide we will use ‘All Posts’ as the example.

Next, find the post, or page that you would like to duplicate. Hover over this and click on the ‘Clone‘ Option

The page will then refresh, and you will see a Draft copy of the page at the top of the list.  In this example we have duplicated the default ‘Hello World!’ post in WordPress.

You can now edit the post or page as normal, updating / changing the content as required before publishing.

Alternative option for duplicating:

Alternatively, if you’re already editing a post or page, you can also make a duplication without needing to go back to the posts / page list.

Simply click on the ‘Copy to a new draft‘ option within the Publish box on the right hand side of the page.

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