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How to disable comments in WordPress

by | Getting Started | 18th May, 2020

Although allowing comments can be a great way for visitors to engage with your site content, however sometimes you may decide you want to disable commenting. Whether that is because certain posts don’t require any commenting, or just to prevent potential comment spam on your WordPress site. There are several...

How to duplicate a post or page in WordPress

by | Getting Started | 17th May, 2020

If you ever need to make a copy of an existing post or page within WordPress, either to test out some changes in draft mode, or to duplicate content across your site, this can easily be achieved using WordPress plugins. In this guide we will be using the Duplicate Post...

How to Password Protect posts and pages in WordPress

by | Getting Started | 19th April, 2020

It can sometimes be useful to hide the content of a WordPress page, or post from general visitors, but still allow it to be accessible to those you want to provide access to. WordPress allows you to quickly set this up using the Password Protect visibility option. You can set...

How to add a coming soon or maintenance page to WordPress

by | Getting Started | 19th April, 2020

A coming soon, or maintenance page can be essential to help let your customers know if your website is currently unavailable. You may want to set up a coming soon page if you’re developing a brand new WordPress website on a live domain, or a maintenance page for when you...

How to re-enable the classic editor in WordPress

by | Getting Started | 12th April, 2020

If you aren’t getting on with the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress, or you’re unable to properly edit your old posts / pages – you can re-enable the Classic Editor within WordPress. Our guide below will show you how to quickly and easily set this up. Note: By default WordPress...

How To Use The SMTP Server To Send WordPress Emails

by | Getting Started | 11th April, 2018

Are you having trouble receiving or sending emails from your WordPress site? - In this article, we will show you how to use an SMTP plugin to send WordPress emails instead.

How To Create An Image Gallery In WordPress

by | Getting Started | 21st August, 2017

Rather than adding your media one by one to your Page or Post within WordPress, you may sometimes want to insert multiple images at once as an image gallery. In this guide we will show you how to quickly create a gallery using the built in WordPress gallery function, however...

Updating WordPress

by | Getting Started | 11th December, 2015

Despite being completely free to use, WordPress is under continual development by its parent company Automattic. This means that in order to keep your WordPress website up-to-date, you should always follow the update procedures. Updates tend to either provide general improvements or essential security patches, so it is worth investing...

Introduction into Plugins and Widgets

by | Getting Started | 18th November, 2015

Two components of WordPress are plugins and widgets. However, what do these mean? In this article we’ll explore what these options are and how they effect the WordPress website. Plugins The typical use for WordPress is for writing blog posts or serving as use for a small site, being a...

How to Install WordPress

by | Getting Started | 22nd August, 2015

Through your cPanel account, you can easily install WordPress via an installer program called Softaculous. This method is a simple and fast way which takes no longer than a few minutes. WordPress can create a fully working website which you can easily customise according to your requirements. Install WordPress using...