22nd August, 2015 | General |

Ordering & Configuring an SSL Certificate

You can order a SSL certificate from the 'Client Area' and customer support will then configure the details for you. This includes a dedicated IP address for your site (required by SSL).

Information It is important to remember that a standard SSL certificate is sub-domain specific, it will only work on one sub-domain. When ordering your SSL certificate, ordering it for is completely different to order it for
1 Log into your 'Client Area'.

2 Go to 'Services' from the top menu on the right followed by 'Order New Services'.

3 Select 'SSL Certificates' from the Services and Products list.

4 Adjacent to the right of the SSL certificate type that you wish to purchase, select 'Order Now'.

5 A summary of your SSL order will be shown on screen - select 'Checkout' to continue the purchase.

6 You will now need to confirm your details and payment method. Once complete, select 'Complete Order' to finalise the SSL purchase.

Information Once your purchase is complete, customer services will be in touch with you shortly to configure the certificate for you.