9th March, 2017 | Site Migration |

Post Migration Help

If you've received an email to inform you your account has been migrated to a new server but are having issues with your website/email etc then this guide is for you.

Website is working but email is not

The first thing to check is your email settings within your mail client (e.g. Outlook, Windows Live mail, Mac Mail, Thunderbird etc), specifically the incoming and outgoing mail server setting (see here for specific client configuration guides). Check the email we sent you regarding the migration, it would have contained both the old and new server information, if your incoming/outgoing mail server settings are currently set to the old server host name, update it to the new.

If your incoming/outgoing mail server is set to chances are you're using SSL and there's no certificate no, in this situation you should also change your incoming and outgoing mail server to the new server hostname.

All other settings, the protocol (IMAP/POP/SMTP), ports, username password information should remain unchanged.

Email works but the website does not.

First thing to do is work out the type of issue your website has. The most common ones you will see are:

Website not found / Site cannot be reached / Hosting Suspended

If you’re seeing these types of error in your web browser (the wording and display may vary between browsers, below are a couple of examples) The most likely cause of this error is DNS related, does your domain name not use our name servers? E.g., or, If not then you are probably managing your own DNS records, this means you will manually need to update the IP your website and email points to, this can be done via your DNS host and the IP address to use would have been sent in the Pre/Post migration emails.

Important - Most people who manage their own DNS do so because either their website or email does not use our services, in this situation the setting should stay the same for the service you’re not using us for, all of our IP addresses start 91.238 if the IP for website/email is currently different it should most likely remain the same.

Server error / Internal Error / 500 Error / Webpage redirect loop problem

If you’re seeing this type of error then the most likely cause is your .htaccess file. Although the new and old servers are almost identical in setup the web server software is slightly newer and is more sensitive to syntax/logic errors. If you have experience / knowledge working with the .htaccess you can check your error logs to see the specific line/command that is causing the issue and either fix or remove it. Alternatively get in contact with support for further assistance.

Neither website or email is working

If neither your website or email services are working then the issue is likely DNS related. See the above on how to resolve DNS issues.

If you still require further assistance on resolving post migration issues then please contact support