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How to terminate a cPanel account within WHM

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Terminating cPanel accounts that are no longer in use can be a great help in freeing up some much needed space on a Reseller account, or cPanel server. WHM provides you with the tools to quickly remove a single, or even multiple cPanel accounts.

Terminating a cPanel Account:

Firstly, log into your WHM account. If you are unsure on how to do this, please view the following help article – ‘How to log into WHM

Once logged in, Type in ‘Terminate‘ in the search box, located in the top left of your WHM area, then click on ‘Terminate Accounts‘. Alternatively go to Account Functions -> Terminate Accounts¬†from the left hand menu in WHM.

The Terminate Accounts screen will then display a list of all cPanel accounts currently contained within your WHM.

Find the cPanel account that you’d like to terminate, and tick the box to the left of the account.¬† If you are deleting multiple cPanel accounts then tick as many as required.

You may also want to tick the ‘Keep DNS Zone‘ option to right of the account. This is useful if you want to terminate the cPanel but keep the domain on the system, for example if the website or email was pointing to an external host, but DNS is running through your nameservers.

Once you have selected the cPanel account to terminate, click on the ‘Remove‘ button to the right of the account. If you’re removing multiple cPanel accounts then click on the ‘Remove Selected Accounts‘, which is located above the list of cPanel accounts & search box.

Once you have clicked on ‘Remove’, the system will open up a confirmation area. This will list out the account details and ask you to confirm that you are sure you’d like to remove the selected cPanel account.

When you have checked over this and are happy to proceed, click on the ‘Yes, Remove This Account‘ button.

The system will then automatically initiate termination of the cPanel account you have chosen to remove.

You will see a blue ‘ Starting removal of “username” ‘ notification at the top of the page to confirm that the process has started.

This may take several minutes depending on how large the cPanel account was.

Once done, the notification will change to green and state ‘ Successfully removed “username” ‘.

This confirms that the cPanel account has been removed from the system.

Alternative way to terminate a cPanel account:

You can also start the account termination process via the ‘List Accounts‘ page on WHM.

Once you go to the ‘List Accounts‘ page on WHM, find the cPanel account that you would like to terminate, then click on the ‘+‘ symbol to the left of the account.

This will then open the account options. Click on the ‘Terminate Account‘ button.

The system will then take you through to the Terminate Accounts page, for you to confirm that you would like to remove the account.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.
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