13th May, 2020 | WHM |

How to restart services on your cPanel server within WHM

Sometimes you may need to restart a service on your cPanel server, whether that's due to a change you've made to the services configuration, or if it's experiencing issues.

WHM allows you to restart several key services quickly and easily.

Restarting Services:

Firstly, log into your server / WHM account. If you are unsure on how to do this, please view the following help article - 'How to log into WHM'

Once logged in, from your WHM home screen type in 'restart services' within the search box, located in the top left of your WHM area.

You will then see the 'Restart Services' section which is split in to a restart option for various services, which have been listed below:

Once ready to proceed, click on the service you need to restart.

For this guide, we will be restarting Apache, and so have clicked on the option for 'HTTP Server (Apache)'

Note: The restart prompts are the same Yes / No options for all of the service restart pages.

Once ready to proceed with the restart, click the 'Yes' button.

The system will then restart the service, showing a prompt that it is currently restarting (along with any associated information).

Once done, the system will then display that the service has restarted successfully, along with any other associated information.

If the restart experiences an error and cannot restart, this will instead display an error message, normally with the error log to state why it was unable to restart.

Note: If you are unable to restart a service after a couple of attempts, and would like us to investigate, please submit a support ticket via the Open Ticket option within your client area.