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How to enable Two-Factor Authentication in WHM

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If you are looking to further secure your WHM account, Two-Factor Authentication can be enabled within WHM. This means that when logging in to your WHM account, once you have entered your username and password you will be prompted to enter a secondary authentication code – which will be generated from an authenticator on your mobile.

If you do not already have an authenticator app for your mobile device, cPanel / WHM currently suggests installing one of the below:

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication:

Firstly, log into your WHM account. If you are unsure on how to do this, please view the following help article – ‘How to log into WHM

Once logged in, from your WHM home screen type in ‘two factor‘ within the search box, located in the top left of your WHM area, then click on ‘Two-Factor Authentication

By default you will be taken to the ‘Settings’ area of the ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ Page. This will display the Issuer, which by default will be the name of the server you are on.

Please note that for this guide we’ve removed the server name from the below example image.

Click on the ‘Manage My Account‘ tab

On the ‘Manage My Account’ section, you will then see that the ‘Status:‘ is set to ‘Not Configured’

Click on the ‘Set Up Two-Factor Authentication‘ button when ready to get started.

You will then be shown two steps. For Step 1 you will need to scan the QR code on your authenticator app, which will appear where the red box is marked in the below image.

Note: The QR code for this example has been removed for security reasons.

If for any reason you are having issues with scanning the QR code, please use the details below the QR code from the Don’t have a QR code reader? section, to manually add this to your authenticator app.

Note: in the example shown, the Key has been removed for security reasons.

Once you have added this to your authenticator app, scroll down the page to Step 2.

In the Security Code box, please enter the 6 digit code that your authenticator app is displaying

Then click on the Configure Two-Factor Authentication button to complete set up.

Once done, you will then see the a green ‘Success:’ message to confirm that Two-Factor Authentication is now enabled, as shown in the below example image.

Note: If you ever need to remove Two-Factor authentication, it can also be done from the ‘Manage My Account’ section of the ‘Two-Factor Authentication page, by clicking on the red ‘Remove Two-Factor Authentication’ button.

Now that this is set up, you can test by logging out of your WHM account, then log in again. Once you enter your username and password it will then prompt you to enter a randomly generated 6 digit code from your authenticator app.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.
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