Creating & Connecting Domains

I Want to Add a Another Website to My Account

by | Creating & Connecting Domains | 22nd August, 2015

You may want to add a second website to your account to utilise its capacity or put up a second website which can be used for testing purposes such as a new design. Either way, it is very easy to do. The question is whether you own a new/alternative domain...

What’s the difference between Aliases, Addon and Subdomains?

by | Creating & Connecting Domains | 22nd August, 2015

Aliases An Alias domain does not have a unique website. It is a domain that is masked to forward to a primary domain of the cPanel account. For example, an alias could be a common misspelt version of your main website URL address which would then be forwarded automatically to...

Creating Aliases

by | Creating & Connecting Domains | 22nd August, 2015

Domain aliases, are extra domains that you can host in your account. Whilst they display the same website that you have as your primary domain, they can provide a separate email account. Many businesses find this useful who intend to have more than one web address for commercial purposes. The...

Creating Subdomains

by | Creating & Connecting Domains | 22nd August, 2015

You can create a subdomain/alias name if you already own a domain that works, rather than registering a brand new one. The advantage of doing this is so you can create a second website which holds its own unique pages. Rather than visiting the domain address as you can...

Creating Addon Domains

by | Creating & Connecting Domains | 5th August, 2015

Addon domains allow you to add several domains to a single cPanel account. They are ideal if you want host multiple websites with different domains and different content. Addon domains share the same cPanel and resources (disk space usage etc) as your main account. To begin using an Addon Domain,...