22nd August, 2015 | Backups |

Restoring a Backup

Our backup system makes it super easy to restore some, or all of your account with a few clicks. Follow the steps below to do this.

First you need to log into your cPanel Control Panel for the Hosting Account you wish to perform a restore on. If you're unsure how to do this, see the How to log into cPanel guide first.

Once logged into cPanel, under the Files section, click the Restore Backups option, this will open the Restore Wizard.

The Restore Wizard will give you 4 options. Each option is explained clearly, so examine the options and choose which fits your need best. The most common option is to restore your website files, to do this, choose Restore Website

You will now be presented with a list of dates, these are the dates of which the backup system has stored for your site. Backups are taken during the early hours of the morning, so choose the date which is appropriate for your needs. For example: if you deleted some files accidentally yesterday afternoon, choosing yesterday's backup will be ideal as it was taken in the morning. Click the Choose Date button for the desired date.

You can now choose some further options, these will depend on your requirements, it's highly likely you can leave these default, however, if you're restoring your website because it's been hacked or compromised then we suggest checking the Delete New Files to ensure your site is restored to a clean version. Click Continue when ready.

Lastly, check all of the details to ensure they're correct, if so, hit the Restore Now button. You'll receive a confirmation message when the restore has completed - for accounts with a lot of files restoring can take up to 30 minutes.