18th April, 2015 | Advanced Topics |

How to create an Auto Responder in cPanel

Sometimes it can be handy to set up an Autoresponder on your email, if you're going on holiday or are out of office without access to email for a while.

cPanel has a built in feature to help you easily set this up, which we will take you through in this guide.

Adding an Auto Responder:

Firstly, log into your cPanel account. If you are unsure on how to do this, please view the following help article - 'How to log into cPanel'

Once logged in - under the 'Email' heading, click on 'Autoresponders'.

You will then be taking to the Autoresponders page. Here you can add new, or edit existing Autoresponders.

In the 'Managing' drop down box, select the domain you would like to set the Autoresponder for.

Then click on the 'Add Autoresponder' button to proceed.

You will now configure the Autoresponder. There are several fields that will need entering:

Interval: set how long you would like to wait between the system responding to the same email if further replies are received. We've set this to 12 hours in our exampleEmail: Enter the first part of the email address that the Autoresponder will be set forDomain: Select the domain from the drop down box if it is not showing the correct domain.From: Enter the name you want the Autoresponder to appear from when sending responses.Subject: Enter the email subject you would like to set for the AutoresponderBody: This is the main content of what the Autoresponder will reply with. Enter your message here.Start: Set when you would like the Autoresponder to start workingStop: Set when you would like the Autoresponder to stop / finish.

Once you've finished setting your options, click on the 'Create' button to complete setup.

cPanel will then show a green confirmation that the Autoresponder was created successfully

You now have an Autoresponder set up and working!

If you go back to your Autoresponders page, you will see it listed under the 'Current Autoresponders' heading, should you ever need to edit or delete it.