Troubleshooting Email

I Can’t Send Any Emails

by | Troubleshooting Email | 22nd August, 2015

You can receive emails but cannot send Many major internet service provides (ISP’s) may block outgoing mail server ports to prevent their services being used to send spam emails. The most common port that are blocked is port 25, but for non-SSL settings we do recommend that you use port...

I Can’t Receive Any Emails

by | Troubleshooting Email | 22nd August, 2015

If you cannot receive any emails but you can send If you can send emails but you cannot receive them, it is likely that your domain is over the quota or your email address itself is over the quota. You will need to increase the amount of disk space in...

My Emails Aren’t Being Received

by | Troubleshooting Email | 22nd August, 2015

Sometimes corporate mail servers are setup quite strictly with regards to what mail they let through. As you’re on a shared hosting server, your IP address is shared with many other websites, which are all also sending mail. This lowers the reputation of the IP address considerably, and in some...

My Emails are Going into Spam

by | Troubleshooting Email | 24th January, 2015

If you find that your outgoing emails to customers are going into spam, you can help improve this by enabling SPF and DKIM on your account. This process helps identify that the emails come from a trusted sender which is authorised. For more information on how to do this, please...