22nd August, 2015 | General - Email |

How to Create an Email Account

You can create an email account through your cPanel control panel which is where you manage your hosting account. This process can create any email address such as or and so forth.

The first step is to log into your cPanel account. If you are unsure on how to do this, please view the following help article - 'How to log into cPanel'.

Once you have successfully logged in, either type email into the search box or scroll down to the 'Email' section as per the below. Select the first option shown 'Email Accounts'.

In the email accounts area, you can create an email account or manage your existing email accounts. To create a new email account, we can see:

In this section you will need to complete the following options:

It may be useful at this stage to write down the details for the new account so you can remember them for future reference.

You should find that you have now completed the required sections and that you've been scored how strong your password choice was. Complete the process by choosing the 'Create Account' button.

You should find that visual confirmation is given that the account has been created. By scrolling further down the email accounts section, you should now see the new account that you have just created, with some management options should you wish to revise the account in the future.

Creating an email account is now complete.