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Configuring Anti Spam Settings

Mailscanner provides you with protection against email spam and virus attachments. There isn't a 'one size fits all' approach to spam filtering, so sometimes you may need to adjust the spam settings to suite your needs. It's best to make small adjustments over the course of sevearl weeks so you can evaluate the results - as you don't want to end up filtering out legitimate email!

Mailscanner is an advanced anti spam solution which takes into account many factors and scores each email you receive, you can then fine tune what scores should either mark the email as spam (by placing {spam} in the subject), or deleteing the email before it gets to your inbox.

First you need to log into your cPanel Control Panel for the Hosting Account you wish to perform a restore on. If you're unsure how to do this, see the How to log into cPanel guide first.

Once logged into cPanel, you can find the Mailscanner configuration under the MailScanner in the Email section of your cPanel.

To fine tune your spam settings

This section describes how to fine tune your spam settings to make it more accurate. If you want to disable spam scanning completely, go to the section below 'Disabling and Enabling Spam and Virus Scanning'.

If you're missing emails or getting too many emails with {spam} in the subject you will need to fine tune your spam score settings. Tuning the spam scanner for your needs is a try and test approach, it's best to do this over the course of a few weeks.

Click the Other Settings section on the Mailscanner main page.

Each email is given a score by our system when it's received, the higher the score, the more likely it is to be spam. By default the system will:

The following are some common problems and what you should do in each case:

> Too many emails are coming through with {spam} in the subject which are not spam.

Try raising the Low Spam Score 1 level.

> The majority of email with {spam} in the subject is definitely spam.

Try lowering the High Spam Score 1 level.

> I'm getting lots of spam still

Try lowering the Low and High scores together a 1 level.

> Some emails aren't coming through which i know are being sent, and i've raised my spam settings already.

Try disabling the spam scanner and ask the sender to try again (see below).

Disabling and Enabling Spam and Virus Scanning

Spam Scanning (default Yes) - This will scan all incoming email and score it, set this to no if you do not want any spam scanning functionality.

Virus Scanning (default yes) - This scans emails and attachments for virus, and deletes them (unless 'Deliver Cleaned Emails' is set to yes).

You can change these settings on a per domain basis on the Mailscanner main page: