20th January, 2015 | Email Client Setup |

How to Setup Outlook Live Connected Accounts

You can set up your email account on Outlook Live as a connected account. To do this, follow the instructions below to manually configure the email account.

It's important to understand that when your server details change, you may need to do this process again in order to update your email account authentication information.

Manual configuration

The first step is to log into your cPanel account so you are aware of your email account details. If you are unsure on how to do this, please view the following help article - 'How to log into cPanel'.

Once you have successfully logged in, either type email into the search box or scroll down to the 'Email' section as per the below. Select the first option shown 'Email Accounts'.

You should find that you are in your email accounts management section. If you scroll down, you should find the email account record for the one which you are looking to set up on Outlook Live. Against that record, you should see an option shown as 'Configure Mail Client' which you need to select.

Scrolling down to the 'Manual Settings' heading, you will locate the manual settings required for the email account. It is recommended to use the 'Secure SSL/TLS Settings' as highlighted on the left for secure setup on IMAP. However, if you prefer setup on non-secure POP, please use the 'Non-SSL Settings' on the right. Please make a note of these or refer back to them later as they will be used further down.

Now login to your Outlook Live connected account.

From the top menu, select the cog settings icon and then choose 'Connected Accounts' from the menu.

In the 'Connected accounts' section, under 'Add a connected account', choose the option 'Other email accounts'.

Enter your email account email address and password into the respective sections.

Select 'OK' to continue.

Choose your connection type, either secured 'IMAP' (recommended) or unsecured 'POP'.

Select 'OK' to continue.

Enter the account connection details for your email account. To help complete this information, we earlier recommended that you made a note of your details.

Account Information

Server Information

Once entered, select 'OK' to continue.

The process should now confirm that your account has been created and is now connecting.

Select 'OK' to continue.

You may find that the status for the account is at first shown as 'Update in progress' which is completely normal. This may mean that Outlook Mail is importing all of your email account emails which can take a few minutes, depending on how many emails there are.

Outlook Live setup is now complete. You can now receive emails and send emails from the email account that you have connected.