Domain Transfers

Transferring Domains Away from HostPresto!

by | Domain Transfers | 22nd August, 2015

We are always sorry to see a you leave. If there’s any thing that we can do to keep you, please let us know by contacting customer services from the ‘Client Area‘. However, if you choose otherwise, to transfer a domain away from us, please follow these instructions. The first...

How to Transfer a Domain to HostPresto!

by | Domain Transfers | 22nd August, 2015

You can easily transfer a domain to HostPresto! through the ‘Client Area‘. Pre-transfer Checklist Check the domain WHOIS information is up to date. Make sure you have access to the administrative contact email address. WHOIS registrar lock is disabled. The domain renewal is more than 10 days. You have the...

Transfer Failed Due to no Email Verification

by | Domain Transfers | 22nd August, 2015

If you are trying to transfer a domain but it has failed due to there being no email verification, this is likely because you cannot access the current administrative contact email address or you have taken too long to verify it (you have up to 5 days to respond). An...

Changing the IPS Tag on a .uk Domain Directly with Nominet

by | Domain Transfers | 21st April, 2015

Nominet is an organisation that oversees and looks after all of the .UK domain names. If you would like to change your IPS Tag via Nominet directly, you can do so here. For first time users with Nominet, choose the option First time logging in or forgotten your password?. You...

Changing the Legal Registrant on a .uk Domain

by | Domain Transfers | 16th January, 2015

To change the Legal Registrant of a .uk domain name, this must be done through Nominet (the Internet registry for the .uk domain name extension). You can do this via your online. Please note that this involves a charge of £10.00 + VAT. Log into your Nominet account. If you...