22nd August, 2015 | General |

How do I Renew my Hosting?

You may need to renew your hosting package if it is coming the end of its term.

1 Log into your 'Client Area'.

2 Go to 'Billing' from the top menu followed by 'My Invoices'.

3 Click on the red 'Unpaid' button shown on the right hand side of the invoice you would like to pay.

4 Choose your payment method from the drop down box, then click on Pay at the top of the invoice. If "Bank Transfer / Cheque" has been selected, then our bank details will appear at the top of the invoice instead.

5 After clicking Pay, this will take you through to the payment page. In this example, the option selected was to pay by credit / Debit Card. Paying by card may be quicker if your card details are stored with us.

6 Once the payment information has been validated you will be shown confirmation on screen and receive confirmation by email.