22nd August, 2015 | General |

Cancelling a Hosting Account

We are always sorry to see a customer leave. If there's any thing that we can do to keep you, please let us know by contacting customer services from the 'Client Area'. However if you choose otherwise, to cancel your hosting account please follow these instructions.

1 Log into your 'Client Area'.

2 Go to 'Services' from the top menu followed by 'My Services'.

3 Click on the green 'Active' button shown on the right hand side of the service you wish to cancel.

4 Click on'Request Cancellation' on the right hand menu .

5 You will now be required to write a brief description regarding the reason that you wish to cancel along with the 'Cancellation Type'.Please note It is important that you choose the right 'Cancellation Type' which provides 'Immediate' and 'End of Billing Period' as options.Please note If you have an active domain registration, you will be asked whether you wish to cancel this as well.

Once you have completed the cancellation details and double checked the details, click 'Request Cancellation' button to complete the process.

6 The system will then show you a message to confirm that the cancellation has been accepted, and will be processed based on the cancellation type you selected.