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Let’s us host your Drupal site in our state of the art UK data centre. Plans and packages to suit any site, large or small. All for an affordable annual fee.

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Drupal Vs WordPress

Whilst both platforms offer both basic and highly advanced levels of features and functionality, Drupal tends to be preferred by those who want to handle the customisation of their websites themselves rather than relying on third party plugins and such.

Why Optimisation Is Important

If you’re running any Drupal install be it a small, personal hobby site to a large commercial monster, it pays to optimise. HostPresto offer a range of packages designed to suit even the most demanding Drupal website.

Drupal Hosting Features

All our Drupal Hosting plans come with these great features!

Latest Versions
Install a fresh version of Drupal 8 direct to your FTP space or upgrade your current site with the click of a button and keep your installation fully up to date with automatic update scheduling.
Feature Loaded Control Panel
All accounts come complete with the ever popular cPanel control panel which packs in over 150 account management functions enabling you to get the most out of your hosting.
Unlimited Bandwidth
No risk of bandwidth charges with us. We offer unlimited bandwidth across all packages so you’re free to grow your site without restriction or hidden charges
SSL Management
Manage all of your SSL certificates in one place. You can manage existing certificates or order new ones from within your hosting control panel.
Expert Advice
We’re Drupal experts if we do say so ourselves. Whatever your query, our dedicated Drupal support team are on hand 24/7/365 to support and assist where needed.
E-Mails Galore
Create an unlimited amount of e-mail accounts on any of our plans. Whether you want POP3, IMAP or simply a whole bunch of forwarders, you can create without restriction.

Is Drupal Right for Me?

Here are some great reasons to choose Drupal for your content management needs rather than its competitors.
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  • Highly Secure – Even though it is an open source platform, Drupal is one of the most secure content management systems out there.
  • Highly Customisable – One of Drupal’s greatest features is the level of customisation you can achieve to its core components directly without the need for third party plugins.
  • More Functionality – Drupal offers significantly more functionality than the likes of WordPress.

All Drupal Hosting Plans Include

All of these great features!

UK Support - 24/7
The HostPresto support team is entirely based in the UK. It is because of this that should you have a question or experience an issue, someone will be hand to answer your query in a timely manner. Of course a fast response is just one part of it. We’re also well versed in all aspects of Drupal so you can be sure we’ll be able to assist.
Free Daily Backups
If you’re worried about losing data or losing your Drupal install completely, you needn’t. HostPresto offers fully daily backups, for free, on all hosting packages, Drupal included. You can restore your install to any point from the past week, quickly and easily. Our backups also cover e-mails, databases and website statistics – as well as your core website files.
Value for Money
We aim to be one of the cheapest Drupal hosts out there and we do this without compromising on service features. All our accounts come with the best control panel out there and fully loaded with all the features and functions you’d find elsewhere. The only difference is we offer it at once of the cheapest prices in the UK!
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
Not only are our servers state of the art, they’re also self healing which means they automatically detect any potential issues and most of the time they repair themselves. If however it’s something more serious, our in house techs are based on site so can quickly resolve any issues that arise. This is why we can offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee, one of the best in the industry!
Cloud Hosted
If you want your site to perform at its optimum, you need more than just good software like Drupal. You also need it hosted on a good host. That is where HostPresto come in. All of our servers are cloud based on our self healing cloud architecture. All housed in our state of the art UK data center. You can be sure your site is in good hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of Drupal over the likes of WordPress?

It primarily comes down to a matter of preference. Some prefer Drupal, some prefer WordPress. Some people consider Drupal much more powerful as it’s completely modular and isn’t as much of a memory hog as WordPress.

I run a large Drupal based website - will you optimise my hosting plan to suit?

All of our Drupal hosting plans are fully optimised for even the most tasking Drupal installs. If you are experiencing performance issues a server optimised specifically for Drupal could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Do you provide support for Drupal installs?

Yes, we’re experts in Drupal and host thousands of customers who are currently using Drupal as their CMS. We’ve encountered and resolved every problem imaginable so if something is amiss just get in touch.

Can you migrate my Drupal website from another host?

All new hosting accounts, regardless of application come with free migration. Once you become a customer we’ll ask you for the details of your old host in order to get you up and running in no time.

I want to host multiple Drupal sites - is that possible?

The amount of sites you can host will be defined by the hosting plan you take out. There are no specific restrictions based on software, only the amount of add on domains allowed under your account.

Drupal Rules!
"I feel like I’m in somewhat of the minority running Drupal as opposed to something like WordPress but I’ve been using it since I built my first website, I like it and it suits my needs perfectly. I’ve used HostPresto for my hosting needs since day one and their Drupal hosting solution deserves a lot of praise. It’s never let me down yet!"
The best Drupal host!
"Finding a host that caters to the specific needs of Drupal and it’s almost cult-like user base is a challenge. Sure, everyone supports it but sometimes that isn’t enough! Thankfully I found HostPresto and the guys here seem to share my passion for Drupal which in a world full of WordPress fan boys it’s quite enlightening. Great app, great service."
Truly experts in Drupal!
"I run a lot of different content management systems across my portfolio of websites but my largest site is powered by Drupal. I’ve had lots of issues with other companies in the past as finding someone who understands Drupal is tough. Thankfully HostPresto seem to know what they’re doing on that front and since switching I’ve had no issues."

Why Host Your Drupal CMS with HostPresto

Here are some great reasons!

One Click Install
You can install Drupal with the click of a button across all of our Drupal web hosting plans and packages.
Latest Versions
We keep our one click installer updated with all of the latest versions of Drupal so your install is always kept fresh and secure.
UK Hosted
All of our hosting plans are housed on UK based servers. We pride ourselves on being a 100% UK based firm. From hardware to support to management.
Experts On Hand
We’ve been supporting Drupal powered websites since we started in the hosting business. We consider oureselves experts in the field.
24/7/365 Service
Our support team can be reached around the clock to deal with any issue you may have with regards to your Drupal web hosting account.
Money Back Guarantee
We offer a no strings, 30 day full money back guarantee should you be unhappy with any of our products or services.
No Additional Fees
We don’t charge any setup fees or push expensive renewals at HostPresto. The price you see is the price you’ll pay.
Drupal Optimised
Our Drupal hosting plans have been specifically optimised with Drupal in mind.

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