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Launch Docker containers from Docker Hub, GitHub or use your own Image. Deploy entire apps like WordPress, NextCloud, Node Web App, or ELK Stack, all within just a few clicks.

  • Reliable & Fast Container Deployments
  • Pre-made Project Templates for Popular Apps & Stacks
  • Full Network Management for Public & Private Traffic
  • Automatic Load Balancing
  • Manage Domain Names & SSL Certificates
  • Create & Attach Volumes
  • Comprehensive Monitoring & Metric Data
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Container Hosting

HostPresto is the first UK company to provide an intuitive custom solution for a docker container hosting. On our reliable super-fast cloud hosting, creating a docker container couldn't be easier. Our solution is jammed packed with features giving you complete control of your container which simplifies development. When demand is required, containers can be quickly scaled to suit the capacity. Take full advantage of our unlimited bandwidth available on all of our packages.

Our Docker Container hosting plans come with the Docker Container framework pre-installed and fully optimised for performance. We offer a range of services to suit all Docker Container developers including module installation and performance monitoring.

Whether you are new to docker or have pre-existing experience, our experienced UK support team is always on hand to help with any questions or problems. If you're not convinced, you can be rest assured that all of our hosting plans come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Docker is a DevOps tools that has grown in popularity since it can run applications inside a container, minimising resources, deploys fast and reduces development time. Offload the headaches of independent management to a reliable hosting provider like HostPresto.

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Reliable & Fast Deployments

You can launch and monitor your Docker containers with ease thus simplifying the management time and allowing you to focus on the important stuff that matters to you and your business.

Unlike traditional Virtual Machine Solutions, Docker containers launch in seconds. Your application can scale effortlessly, on demand with depending on the peaks and troughs of your user demands. Gone are the days of swapping out hardware should your application become more demanding!

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Deploy Pre-made Project Templates

Our solution allows you to use a library of container images from Docker Hub, GitHub or simply upload your own from your file system.

You can accelerate your development by containerising your applications. That is one of the primary benefits of Docker. Developers who containerise ship 7 times more code on average than they did before they deployed Docker. By shipping code more frequently, your team and more importantly end user directly benefits from. This is because small updates mean less chance of problems!

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Simple UI to Create, Adapt & Launch

On HostPresto you can use our simple UI to completely control the projects and containers that you want to create. Our experience of hosting has enabled us to create a bespoke solution to fulfil all the requirements that we used to dealing with.

You can accelerate your project deployments within a short space of time, leaving you asking yourself why you didn't consider a containerised application sooner.

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Feature-rich Tools

Our team has acquired a number of years worth of experience managing hosting services and monitoring web applications. This has taught us exactly what tools and requirements are necessary which we've incorporated as standard into our docker hosting services.

Quickly debug application problems with numerous resource monitoring metrics - scale up resources and take advantage of being able to revert deployments.

One Click Deployments

Our Docker Container Hosting includes pre-configured solutions so you can quickly deploy solutions with just one click. This is advantageous for launching simple projects such as WordPress with the recommended requirements, or comprehensive configurations and resources for larger projects.

Launch Many Pre-Made Projects & Apps


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Docker Hosting

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Start your new project with our docker hosting packages with unlimited bandwidth to create containers quickly and easily. Scale in seconds and accelerate your development procedures.

You will never receive any over usage charges with HostPresto. The only limitations in place are on the resources that you choose to have.

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Create & Customise Your Docker Project

Create & Customise Your Docker Project

When creating a new project you can either choose to start a new one from blank or alternatively select from one that has been pre-created.

Each product can be customised and launched within a few simple steps.


Launch and Monitor your Docker Project

Launch and Monitor your Docker Project

Once the container options have been set, your container is ready to launch. You can monitor all of your containers that have been setup on your project and review the services that are running.

You can keep tabs all the metrics such as CPU usage, network traffic and memory usage as required.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are your support team experienced in supporting Docker?
In short, yes. We were one of the first web hosting companies in the UK to begin supporting Docker containers and as we use them ourselves we feel we're more than competent enough to assist and resolve issues where needed.
I've never worked with Docker. Where can I find more information on getting started?
We actually have a whole bunch of tutorials related to Docker in our community section from installation through to creating your first container and optimising your solution.
I've found Virtual Machines quite server intensive is that the case with Docker?
No, Docker is extremely lightweight in comparison to other virtual machine environments.
How do I go about installing Docker?
All of our docker container hosting plans come with Docker pre-installed so you can create containers right off the bat. If you'd like to do it yourself to get a better feel for it you can do. We even have tutorials available to walk you through the process.
Can I use Docker with one of your cloud VPS servers?
Yes, if you were to take out one of our cloud based VPS hosting plans we can setup Docker for you and talk you through creating your first environment.

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