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About the Community

HostPresto! have launched a community for user created tutorials and help. We want to provide a rich resource for all things web site and web hosting related, helping complete beginners to experts on a wide variety of topics.

Become an Author

We’re seeking authors who want to write tutorials, we’ll pay £120 for a full length article (around 3000 words), or £60 for shorter pieces (around 1500 words), however, article lengths are not set in stone, the important thing is the tutorial must leave the reader feeling educated about the topic.

Authors must be knowledgeable on the subject(s) they are writing about, and have excellent English skills. Articles are required to be grammatically and technically correct. Payment will be made via Bank transfer or PayPal on successful article submission.

Apart from being paid, there are other benefits to writing for HostPresto! Your profile will be visible on every article (if you wish), and if you’re a member of the Google Authorship program the articles will appear in Google under your name. You’ll also receive feedback and likes on your articles, and gain subscribers from people who like your articles.

What Can You Write About?

The following guidelines are a good start to help you pick the subject you want to write a tutorial on. We’ll always pre-approve a topic before you start writing so you don’t waste time if it’s wrong, and we’re happy to discuss topics with you. Articles can be targeted at different user levels, from beginner to advanced, so you can write at a level which suits you and/or your target reader.

  • You must be knowledgeable about the subject.
  • It must be on topic of web hosting, web development, web software, or anything similar to this.
  • It must be specific.
  • It must provide the reader with a complete tutorial from start to completion (excluding multiple article ‘series’).
  • Articles must be unique to HostPresto! and not published anywhere else.

Here are some example topics which would be accepted:

  • Search Engine Optimising your Magento Installation
  • Installing and configuring the W3 Total Cache Plugin for WordPress
  • A beginners guide to creating and uploading a website in HTML (Multi Article Series)

What should tutorials include?

As well as being technically and grammatically correct, tutorials should provide clear instructions on how to do something specific. Tutorials should be enhanced with the use of code snippets or screenshots where applicable. The tutorial should be written to provide the reader with instructions to complete a task from start to finish, and the scope should be within the context of the tutorial. For example, a guide on installing and configuring a WordPress plugin will assume the reader already has WordPress installed and knows the WordPress basics, but will not assume anything further.

For a full brief and examples on how to write a tutorial, please see the guidelines.

Tutorial Submission Process

Choose a Subject

Pick a subject you wish to write about as per the guidelines above, submit it to us for approval.

Submit a Sample (400 Words)

Start writing your tutorial, once you’ve completed 400 words (or thereabouts) please submit to us for approval, we may make enhancement suggestions or discuss with you further.

Submit Full Article

Submit your full article once complete, we’ll check it and approve it.

Get Published and Paid

Once approved we’ll publish your article and send your payment through your preferred payment method.

Start Writing for the HostPresto! Community