Cloud VPS Hosting

High powered cloud based Virtual Private Servers. Located in our UK data centre and offered at an affordable price. Full scalability and solutions to suit any individual or business.

Cloud VPS Hosting Features

1 - 16 CPU's
Scalable processors to suit any deployment.
1GB - 64GB RAM
All the memory you could ever need. Entirely scalable.
1TB - 20TB Bandwidth
We have bandwidth in abundance at your disposal.
25GB - 800GB SSD
Your choice of super fast SSD’s.
Fast Provisioning and Scaling
Our architecture allows us to scale deployments instantly.
SSH/Root Access
Control every aspect of your virtual private server.
Enterprise Data Backups
Enterprise level backups to keep your data safe and secure.
Self Healing Cloud
Our servers will repair themselves should an issue be encountered.
KVM Virtualisation
A full virtual machine at your disposal.

Cloud Hosting from HostPresto!

We cater for all, if you'd like a custom solution, please get in touch!

Unmanaged Cloud Servers
Manage your own server!
If you’re a sysadmin look no further, HostPresto! offer some of the best specification to price ratio servers available, all hosted on our highly reliable and redundant cloud platform with a choice of operating system including Ubuntu 14.04 and CentOS 7. Our unmanaged range gives you complete control at rock bottom prices and our cloud platform boasts super fast multipath 40Gb/s network, the latest Intel Xeon V3 CPUs, enterprise grade redundant SSDs and true hypervisor failover. You also get access to our per hour in house professional services team for tasks you may not be familiar with.
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cPanel Cloud Servers
A fantastic VPS powered by cPanel!
The most popular choice. Our managed cPanel servers allow complete beginners to have their own dedicated server, create hosting accounts, manage quotas, reboot the server, and everything in between – all from an easy to use interface. Our expert team will setup and manage your server for you – whilst still leaving you in complete control. If you’re hosting multiple websites already and you’re looking to consolidate, or if you’re looking to isolate yourself from the shared hosting environment but you don’t have the time or knowledge to manage a server, then a Managed cPanel Server is for you.
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Windows Cloud Servers
For those who love Windows!
We offer a range of scalable Windows virtual private server solutions to suit even the most demanding administrator. If you prefer administrating your server from a windows based machine then these servers are for you. All of our windows cloud servers are fully scalable, you can choose your preferred CPU, RAM, SSD and Bandwidth allocation during the setup process.
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Linux Cloud Servers (Plesk)
A Linux server running Plesk!
We now offer a range of web servers powered by the ever popular Plesk control panel. These servers run on Linux and like all of our cloud hosting solutions they’re all fully scalable. Whether you’re an experienced systems administrator or you’re a single user just looking for a high power hosting plan we can help.
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Managed Cloud Servers
Fully managed, maintained by us!
A complete solution to provide you with our in house expertise 24/7 tailored to your specific needs. We’ll setup a bespoke server for your site using the latest technologies so you can get the most out of your hardware and get your website loading quickly and reliably. We’ll work with you to help optimise your application stack, optimise the server, and provide ongoing monitoring and optimisation for the life of the server, as well as provide consultation when needed to help you scale and grow your website or application right through to our multi server high availability clusters.
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Windows Cloud Servers (Plesk)
A windows VPS powered by Plesk!
If you’re looking for a windows based web hosting solution that is powered by Plesk then these are definitely the servers for you. We have a range of options available all with extremely fast provisioning, scalability and full SSH/root accesss.
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Why Choose a HostPresto VPS?

As well as being experts in the field of cloud hosting and virtual private servers, we’ve also designed our offerings to cover all bases. Whether you’re looking for Windows based solutions or Linux, Plesk or cPanel, we’ve got you covered.

Can't Decide? We Can Help!

If you’re unsure what sort of solution you’re looking for then please get in touch with us. Our experts are on hand 24/7 to advise you on the best product to suit your needs. We won’t try and sell you something you don’t need.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Great features, great price!

Hosted in the UK
All of our cloud servers are hosted out of London, UK. If you want a truly fast virtual private server (VPS) solution then the geographical location of your machine in relation to you/your visitors is massively important.
UK Support
We’ve been running cloud architecture for a number of years now and know the common issues users face when first getting started with their VPS service. We’re on hand to assist and help you maximise your servers performance.
Experts in Cloud Technology
We’ve been running cloud architecture for a number of years now and know the common issues users face when first getting started with their VPS service. We’re on hand to assist and help you maximise your servers performance.
Self Healing
Our servers are what we like to call “self healing”. This basically means we’re able to detect and resolve issues automatically before they become a noticeable issue for you and your users.
Enterprise Solutions
We have solutions to suit everyone including full enterprise level cloud hosting solutions that can be scaled up to virtually support any scenario. If you want to know our capabilities, just ask.
Bespoke for your Business
We don’t stop at the offerings listed on this page. We also offer custom bespoke cloud hosting solutions for your business. Whatever your needs, we can build a server to suit and deploy it as per your needs.
What sort of cloud hosting do you offer?
We have a wide range of options available from managed to unmanaged, cPanel to Plesk.
Get In Touch
  • Managed or Unmanaged solutions for both the novice and experienced server admistrators.
  • Your choice of management platforms, choose either Plesk or cPanel, whatever your preference.
  • We offer a choice of operating system, Linux or Windows. All fully scalable.
Frequently Asked Questions
I'm not familiar with cloud hosting, do you offer a fully managed solution?
We offer solutions to suit all, from completely unmanaged solutions for the cloud hosting enthusiasts out there to fully managed solutions where we basically setup everything for you so all you need to do is upload your websites.
Is this the same thing as a VPS?
Yes, our cloud server offerings are effectively virtual private servers and operate in exactly the same manner as a traditional VPS solution.
Can I configure your cloud servers to suit my specific requirements?
Whilst our servers come fully loaded and optimised with the latest software, we understand that people do have specific requirements and needs. The level of support we provide will depend on the server solution you have purchased.
How long does my server take to get built?
All cloud solutions can be spun up within a matter of minutes and you should receive an e-mail containing your login details soon after checkout.
How do I control the sites on my cloud VPS?
All of our VPS/cloud hosting solutions come with the latest version of Web Host Manager (WHM) so you can add domains for you or your clients quickly and easily.

Super fast migration!
"HostPresto recently helped me upgrade and migrated my existing reseller hosting plan to one of their fangled cloud VPS solutions. I must say the whole process and support from HostPresto has restored my faith in the web hosting industry. If you’re looking for a cloud server solution then I can wholeheartedly recommend HostPresto!"
James Wilson
Ferndown, Dorset
Seriously fast websites!
"I don’t know too much about all this cloud stuff but all I do know is that my client websites are a hell of a lot faster than they were previously. Thanks for all your help in getting us setup, you guys are the best! And cheap too! I was paying twice the price elsewhere for something which doesn’t seem as good as this!"
Simone Wells
Frome, Somerset
Perfect for my clients!
"I run a small web development agency and have recently migrated all of my clients onto one of HostPresto’s cloud servers. There is not much I can say other than no complaints this end. First class service from start to finish. I just hope it continues! Thanks for all your help chaps, I’ll recommend you where possible."
Jack Chapman
Stanhope, Durham

Why choose HostPresto for your VPS?

Here are some great reasons!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
All of the servers we offer come with a 30 day money back guarantee. We’re sure you won’t need it however!
Over £300 in Extras
If you love freebies you’ll love HostPresto. All of our virtual private server solutions come with £300+ of extras!
Highest Rated TrustPilot Web Host
We’re one of the highest rated UK based web hosting companies on TrustPilot.
Low Price, High Performance
We offer high performance virtual private servers at an extremely competitive price point.
24/7 UK Based Support
All of our support team are available around the clock to assist wherever necessary. We’re all based in the UK too!
Free Migration
If you have a server setup elsewhere and would like to migrate to HostPresto, we can help! We offer a free migration service for all new customers.
No Setup Fees or Contracts
There are no setup fees or contracts with any of our hosting plans and packages. The price you see is the price you pay. Cancel anytime.
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
All of our servers have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.