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Zenphoto CMS: The CMS of Choice for Self-Hosted Gallery Websites

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Looking for a flexible, easy-to-use content management system for your gallery-focused website? Zenphoto could be the perfect solution. This unique CMS solution for self-hosted image websites focuses on being as easy to use and innovative as possible. Essentially, it makes sure that designers have all the tools they need at their fingertips, while also keeping the space organised and free from clutter for more streamlined designs.

The Zenphoto CMS offers support for a wide range of media formats, as well as integrated custom pages and blog content. Whether you're designing a personal website that you want to blow people away with, or you want a professional portfolio for your illustrations, artwork, or photography, Zenphoto has plenty of incredible features to offer.

Simple Website Media Management

Zenphoto is the ultimate CMS for gallery-focused self-hosted websites. Not only is the user interface incredibly easy to use, but Zenphoto also ensures that you have everything you need to make the most out of your gallery strategy, regardless of what kind of media you use. Whether it's video solutions for your film-making business, images, or even audio, Zenphoto and the Zenpage CMS plugin makes sure that you can create a compelling an eye-catching portfolio within a short space of time.

With the added Zenpage CMS, you can also add news sections and blog pages to your website, making Zenphoto the perfect CMS for illustrators and personal artist websites. Additionally, if you're a company working with numerous professionals, you'll be pleased to know that multi-user management is available, with the option to assign user groups, provide per-user rights to specific people, and password protect different pages and albums on your site.

Complete Control Over your Media Files

Zenphoto offers a comprehensive file-based system for creative professionals. You can upload folders and files directly through FTP or use administration tools. Users can also create their own dynamic albums based on saved search functions. Zenphoto knows that today's developers and designers are often in a hurry, so there's an option to upload multiple files at once, and you can also pick automatic size generation to keep your images and albums in good condition. Zenphoto also offers:

Perfect for Design Beginners

With Zenphoto, creative professionals don't have to worry about being experts in the world of website design and maintenance. The CMS is simple to use, which makes it perfect for beginners, and everything is customisable, with a state of the art theme engine, and five themes included as standard. There's also the option to choose from a range of downloadable themes too, so you can create the custom site that appeals most to you.

There's an object model framework on-board for great flexibility with your theming and design, and you can access multiple different layouts within a signal theme. What's more, there are plenty of options for managing your content beyond images too. For instance, the Zenphoto service comes packed with:

A CMS Designed for Global Appeal

One of the most interesting components of Zenphoto is the fact that it comes with international support for multiple languages. The backend admin system can be translated to your preferred language, and there are plenty of backend translations included as standard, including options for Chinese, French, Dutch, German, Polish, Swedish, and Spanish.

At a fundamental level, Zenphoto is designed to be flexible and supportive - regardless of what kind of website or portfolio you might be trying to create. If you can't find the solutions you need on ZenPhoto straight away, then you can always add extra solutions in with an extensive and sophisticated plugin system. Users have the opportunity to add their own backend and frontend filters, and access object model frameworks for state of the art coding. There are countless plugins included with the Zenphoto system as standard, and there are also third-party options available too.

With Zenphoto, you can essentially design your own self-hosted gallery website.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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