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5 Essential WordPress Tips For Beginners

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            <h2>5 Essential WordPress Tips For Beginners</h2>

Jumping into the world of WordPress sometimes you can miss the most fundamental things that make so much difference to the ease of use and performance of your blog. Today we will be going over 5 Essential WordPress Tips For Beginners.

Make Your Titles More Readable And Relevant With Permalinks

When editing posts you always have the choice to edit the url output. As you can see under the title of editing a post you have an edit button to change the URL. Make sure this is only a few words long, you really don't want to include common words in it if you can get away from it.

As an example this article would have come out essential-wordpress-tips-for-beginners but that's long and unreadable, instead we changed it to wordpress-for-beginners/ which is much more friendly and targeted.

Permalinks is a setting which controls your URL structure, if you were to click on a page and see then you have the best setting turned off and should update it with the following:

  1. Login to your WordPress admin
  2. Hover over settings in the menu and click Permalinks
  3. Click the radio button next to Post Name
  4. Click Save Changes. Your URL's should now look like

Embed Youtube, Twitter And More Without Plugins

Many people don't seem to know that by default in WordPress you can embed videos ,tweets and other media! Without plugins you can include things from YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Hulu, Flickr and Viddler.

1. Select a place where you want the video to go, click in the editor window and press enter so you have a new line. 2. Visit the media on the site you wish to copy, and in the address bar at the top of the web browser copy the address 3. Now back in the editor, right click and paste the address. 4. If the URL you pasted appears in the main content area of the editor as a blue link, you need to unlink it. Highlight the address and you will see at the top of the editor a chain link button and a unlink chain link button, click the unlink. 5. And that's it! if you click preview or publish, your video/tweet/other media will now show

If you're not sure you can embed from a specific site, check out the WordPress Embeds page for a full list.

Schedule Blog Posts To Keep A Regular Publishing Schedule

WordPress has a great feature that allows you to keep up with a publishing schedule. Pro users will setup a schedule with something like 1 posts a week, or even 1 per day.

When editing posts and pages in WordPress, you have the opportunity to schedule it for the future. Doing this you don't need to be at your computer when the post goes live, it'll automatically post it live at the date (and time!) you wish.

In the WordPress back end, go to the Edit screen for the post you wish to schedule.

1. In the top-right of the page, There is a publish box, in that is an option that says Edit next to Publish Immediately 2. Fill in the date and time in american format, month day year, 24 hour clock) 3. Click the grey “OK” button. 4. The “Publish immediately” text will update to“Schedule for," with whatever date and time you have chosen. 5. If you’re ready to go, click the blue “Schedule” button (formerly "Publish"). Your post is set to go.

Target Your Titles And Descriptions For Users, Not Search Engines

When posting your links to Facebook/Twitter and Search Engines the first thing your potential readers will see is the title and description. This means your users judge the relevance of your post by these 2 factors, making it the most important text on the page.

Some SEO companies will focus these on search engines, but that's not right. focus on your users, make them enticing and elaborate on the title in your articles to make them share worthy.

Don't fill your sidebar with useless junk

We see it all the time, Sidebars filled with everything possible, adverts, social media buttons, links to tweets, Facebook like boxes.

And underneath that you may have a call to action for your site visitors to click on.

We recommend only putting the bare minimum of what you need in this area so users aren't bombarded with useless junk.


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