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Why Meteor is a Great Choice for JS App Development

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When it comes to saving time and effort in the development world, everyone seems to be searching for the best common framework they can use to enhance mobile and web experiences. Meteor.js is a framework that can offer just that, speeding up the development process for the end client, and providing a full stack of intuitive JavaScript solutions.

Meteor was designed with insights taken from a range of libraries, which means that it's easier than every to prototype complex applications. This system makes web development more flexible, streamline, and in need of less code. The less code to worry about, the fewer errors in the long-term. Here are just some of the reasons why we think that Meteor is an incredible choice for JS App development.

1. Single Language Development

Meteor is designed to be simple and convenient. To this end, you only need to use a single language to create the app of your dreams. This JavaScript service comes with benefits like less context switching. Since JavaScript is already a highly popular programming language, it's a great option for many developers who don't want to have to struggle with managing a host of different languages at once. Meteor is well-equipped for both the server side and the client side, with a frontend, backend, and database solution all rolled into one.

2. Easy to Adopt and Use

One of the biggest benefits of Meteor is the fact that the app makes it easier to create users through a system that's user-friendly. Anyone who's played with this application the past will already know how easy it is to get it up and running. Unlike some of the other full-stack solutions on the marketplace today, Meteor can be immediately picked up by any moderately experienced JS developer. Even people who couldn't count themselves as fully-fledged developers can make the most of this system.

3. Building is Quick and Innovative

Today's developers need to be intuitive and agile if they want to stay on the cutting edge. The good news is that with Meteor, it's possible to launch a new application within a matter of weeks. Part of the reason for this is that JavaScript is loaded on the back-end and the front-end, which makes creation simpler. At the same time, there are smart packages that allow developers to create faster. Meteor has recently become a go-to solution for many busy businesses and startups that want to get apps out the door fast.

4. Smart Packages for Simplicity

As we mentioned above, the Meteor smart packages are a fantastic advantage to this system. Since creating an entire log-in system for your application can be a pain in the neck, Meteor takes the problem out of your hands with systems that make it easier to add features like JavaScript libraries, user accounts and more. There's also a website that's available to help people with the complications of Meteor package management if you're getting used to the tool for the first time.

5. Built for Real-Time Applications

We're living in a fast-paced world full of next-level technology, and Meteor is perfect for developers who want to create real-time applications that fit with this new environment. By default, the system is real-time with it's full-stack reactivity service. All of the layers of an application update automatically, and there's no need to constantly refresh the page to see your updates.

6. Turn Your Web App into a Smartphone App

Meteor makes it easier to turn web-based applications into smartphone apps using the "Cordova" platform. With Cordova, you can build native smartphone solutions with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. There's a selection of APIs available that you can use to implement native functions like JavaScript, camera functions and more.

7. Supportive Community

Finally, one of the best things about Meteor is that you're never going to be alone when you're using this system. Despite the fact that it's relatively new to the marketplace, Meteor has a passionate community of web developers that already use the system, which call themselves "Meteorites". There are tons of resources out there for developers to tap into when they need help with a new project, including online learning platforms, forums, blog posts, and so much more.

If a digital community isn't enough for you, there's also a particularly impressive in-person community to check out too, with events popping up around the world. Currently, there are meetups in the Meteor community running in 75 countries across the globe, which means that you can always reach out to someone nearby.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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