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Why Magento Optimised Hosting is Better

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As the preferred hosting solution for people planning to run big eCommerce stores and online shopping portals, Magento is highly commended for its abundance of exceptional customisation options and additional extras. Released initially in 2008, Magento has quickly grown in popularity, proving itself to be an amazing platform where companies can satisfy any and all of their online commerce needs.

Over the years, Magento has provided countless online stores with fantastic cart customisation features and security, serving billions of customers on a daily basis. However, just like any other form of CMS, a Magento store can only run at its best, when it has the right hosting to support it.

While it's possible to host a Magento store on almost any environment, it's worth noting that this unique solution for eCommerce often requires more speciality skills than other CMS environments such as WordPress websites. Because of this, most experts will choose to stick with Magento optimised hosting, to improve their chances of online success.

Hosting Considerations When Implementing Magento

Magento is widely regarded to be one of the best eCommerce platforms on the planet, with a wide range of fantastic features and benefits to choose from for countless businesses. However, it's important to note that the extra features of Magento also make this platform one of the heaviest and most intensive solutions on the web. That's why if you want your Magento website to run at its best, then you'll need to choose a host that's optimised specifically for supporting Magento.

Although there are many great hosts available today, not all of them will be suitable for Magento eCommerce sites. If you run Magento on a generic server, you could run the risk of poor performance, abandoned shopping carts, and slow page loading times.

Unfortunately, Magento isn't the same as other CMS solutions like Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress, where it doesn't really matter which host you choose. With Magento, if you select the wrong hosting provider, you could find that your website isn't nearly as successful as you might hope - in fact, you could even lose out on crucial revenue.

The Benefits of Choosing Optimised Magento Hosting

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of optimised Magento hosting, is that you get a system that's been specifically designed to help you get the most out of your website experience. You don't have to worry about risks like slow loading times and dropped connections, because you're dealing with a host who takes the extra work of a Magento CMS into account.

With optimised Magento hosting, you should be able to enjoy:

Choosing Hosting for a Magento Store

When it comes to choosing your hosting solution for a Magento website, or eCommerce store, it's important to make sure that you're making a decision based on what's best for your customers, and the future of your business. A lot of companies overlook just how important hosting can be when it comes to establishing an effective online presence. However, if you can't rely on your host provider to make sure that your website is up and running at all times, then it's hard to give your customers a consistent online experience.

When you're choosing a host for your Magento store, make sure that you select someone who can offer you:

Although you don't have to pay the extra for Magento optimised support if you want to run your store on the world's favourite eCommerce platform, it's the only way to make sure that you're getting the most out of your Magento system. Optimised support will give you the speed, security, and performance you need to thrive.

Using Magento? Get our lightening fast Magento Optimised Hosting.

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