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Why cPanel is The Best Choice for WordPress

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When it comes to control panels, cPanel is easily one of the most popular options around. Short for "Control Panel", cPanel is a graphical user interface created to help web designers and developers manage their websites and access numerous aspects of their hosting strategy. In the past, it was difficult for individuals to make any changes to their hosting platform after they bought it, but cPanel changed all that, making it simpler to set up and run websites on Linux systems.

If you're looking to run a website, or blog, then the chances are that you'll want to create a site with WordPress - as this is the number one CMS in the world (at the time of writing) and cPanel and WordPress work perfectly together. In fact, cPanel offers a sleek interface that allows WordPress users to instantly manage their blogs, create email addresses for their website, set password security, and manage their website design all from the same central control panel.

Designed to Work with WordPress

As the most popular Linux hosting control panel, it makes sense that cPanel would want to make it easier for users to access the most popular CMS system. In the past, if you wanted to install WordPress on your hosting account, the only way you could accomplish this was to tunnel into your own server setup using the FTP or SSH to set up your future blog. Fortunately, thanks to cPanel and their innovative user interface, those days are firmly in the past.

If you choose to work with cPanel as your web host control panel, then all you need to do to install WordPress is log into your account and click a single button. You can also use a one-click solution to install Open Cart and many other website platforms. The system uses a three-tier solution that provides capabilities for end-use website owners and administrators who need to maintain control over specific functionalities within a website.

With cPanel, you can do so much more than simply manage your WordPress site. You can also manage your emails, create customised accounts, delete your accounts, and even create email lists for your marketing campaign.

Using WordPress with cPanel

The cPanel system was specifically designed and set up to work as either a dedicated or virtual private server, and it supports a host of application-based services, including WordPress. Once WordPress is installed on your cPanel user interface, you can control various aspects of your website through your cPanel browser, through port 2083, or just by putting /cPanel on the end of your host name.

Essentially, cPanel gives customers the opportunity to manage all the features provided by their WordPress solution for hosting in the same simplistic space. Some of the most popular features include the opportunity to manage domain names, databases, and even back-ups for your website. That means that if something goes wrong with your online presence, you know you have a backup available to get your company back up and running again in no time.

Essentially, services like cPanel used with WordPress is intended to make it very simple for anyone to manage all their hosting and website needs with almost no technical knowledge whatsoever. If you're worried about setting up and changing things on your WordPress site, then you can rest assured that you won't go wrong with cPanel.

The Simplicity of Using cPanel

cPanel, just like many other web-based hosting control panels, is a solution designed to give administrators and end-users more access to their website creation packages. These solutions help people to manage their server and websites without any pre-existing technical know-how, so it means that you can potentially avoid paying over-the-odds for an expensive IT support provider.

Although there are other control panels out there that can be used with WordPress, cPanel usually earns the most attention because of its user friendliness, feature-richness, and hosting resources. The cPanel service comes with a sleek interface that makes it easier for the user to manage domains, access email, create blogs, and set security up in almost no time whatsoever.

For cPanel users, the benefits of this system for WordPress management aren't just about the features that are available, but ease of use for those features too. cPanel means that administrators have a host that gives them complete control over the aspects of their site. There's no need to take lessons or get an education in website building to access a range of great features for your WordPress solution, all you need to do is stick to the user-friendly interface that cPanel already offers.

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