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Why cPanel is Still the Best Shared Hosting Control Panel

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Making the most out of your shared hosting experience starts with finding the right control panel for your needs. A control panel allows you to manage the various complexities involved with launching and running your online resources on a shared platform. While there are many different control panel solutions available to choose from today, few are more popular than the classic option: cPanel.

As the product name might suggest, cPanel is a web-based control panel that can be used to manage Windows or Linux-based shared servers. The system allows users to quickly and easily control a range of features, all the way from domain names and databases, to PHP versions, email addresses, and almost every other aspect of a web server too. This means that you can access everything you need to simplify your shared hosting environment in a single place.

What is cPanel?

The cPanel control panel solution was developed by a company with the same name, and it was written primarily in the computing language "Perl". Though your opinion of using cPanel will depend on your personal preferences and expectations, many believe that cPanel is a customisable, and effective control panel which has successfully held up to the test of time.

Today, the system still has an active community thriving behind it, which is great for anyone who needs a little help overcoming problems or difficulties that could arise on your shared server. Perhaps the biggest reason that cPanel is so popular, is that its straightforward interface makes it a great choice for new and veteran users alike. Here are just some of the reasons why we think cPanel could still be the best shared hosting control panel.

1. Ease of Use and Installation

If you've never dealt with a digital control panel before, then you shouldn't have too much of a problem getting used to cPanel. The system is very easy to install, and all you need is about 20GB of available disk space to get started. Most computers today will be able to meet these requirements without a problem.

Once the cPanel interface is installed, you should find it pretty simple to figure out what you need to do to control each aspect of your shared hosting experience as you go along. Many users can manage complicated things with a couple of clicks, regardless of whether you want to search for a web directory or perform site maintenance.

Because cPanel is so straightforward, many hosting providers, small firms, and even mid-sized businesses can save a lot of money on labour expenses, because they won't have to worry about hiring an administrator or IT expert to keep their website running smoothly.

2. Plenty of Advanced Features

Just because cPanel is easy to use, doesn't mean it compromises on the advanced collection of features available. This control panel is packed full of functions and added extras that make it easier for users from all backgrounds to manage their hosting accounts and websites with simplicity.

For instance, just one of the things that many people like about cPanel is that it comes with a great system for email management. You can quickly go in and start setting up your email account, complete with additional solutions like anti-fraud protection and anti-virus applications too.

3. Compatible with a Range of Browsers

Some control panels will only work with certain browsers, but cPanel works with anything - from Internet Explorer to Safari and Chrome. This means that regardless what your digital set-up might look like, you should still be able to use cPanel. Additionally, cPanel can support a range of third-party software solutions that help users to build robust and dynamic websites for their users. For instance, you can add on apps for a blog, a guestbook, or even a shopping cart.

4. Reliability

Finally, no matter whether you need to move your cPanel system over to another hosting company, or you simply want to continue getting the same great features for as long as possible, you should rest assured that cPanel will continue to offer a fantastic user experience for years to come.

The cPanel system can even detect failed services, and automatically restart the solution when something goes wrong. The newer versions also include a clustering DNS feature that allows you to achieve a more risk-free performance level. With so many obvious advantages available with running cPanel, it's easy to see why this control panel has remained to be such a popular option for shared hosting users over the decades. While other panels have come and one, cPanel remains as strong as ever.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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