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February 22, 2018

What Is The Parallax Effect? Why You Should Use It On Your WordPress Site And How

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The Parallax effect is a widely used feature found on WordPress websites. This special effect has existed for a while now but has only recently crossed over into the world of web design. So what exactly is the Parallax effect and why is it a good idea to use it on your website? This article will discuss the benefits of featuring this effect on your page as well as how to quickly and easily add the effect to any page, post or website you desire.


What Is The Parallax Effect?

The Parallax effect involves a website‘s background moving at a different rate to the image or object in the foreground. This can give a page the illusion of depth, creating a 3D effect as visitors scroll through a page.

The majority of WordPress themes now come installed with a built-in Parallax effect due to its growing popularity. Most webpage builders also come installed with a Parallax effect tool, giving you the power to add the effect to any page or post on your site. And finally, don’t forget, there are countless plugins to help you add Parallax elements to your page as well.


What Are The Benefits Of Using The Parallax Effect?

There are a number of benefits to using the Parallax effect on your site, the first and most obvious being the stunning visual aspect it brings. A Parallax effect is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and gives web pages a stylish, contemporary feel and look, as well as making images really pop up off the screen. This effect can bring a wow factor to your pages and help create an exciting and pleasing user experience.

Another great reason to use the Parallax effect is that it can help break a page down into readable chunks while still giving the impression the page is filled with content. You can use the effect to promote different sections or features of your website you wish to draw attention to. The effect is seen particularly on homepages, landing pages or single page websites. The beautiful visual impression it creates can encourage visitors to stay longer on your site.


Does It Work On Mobile Devices?

Unfortunately, the Parallax effect does not typically work well on mobile devices. Unlike desktops which usually use scroll navigation, as opposed to swipe navigation on mobile devices, Parallax effects may not render correctly. However, this will all depend on the specific animations and methods you have used to create your effect, so it may be best to pick one which is well optimised for mobile devices.


Selecting A Theme With A Parallax Effect

For those who want to build a new website from scratch that uses a parallax effect, we recommend choosing a premium WordPress theme that comes with the effect feature. There are some brilliant multipurpose themes that come equipped with advanced page builders for those who wish to add the effect to more than just one page. Divi – The Ultimate WordPress Theme and Visual Page Builder is a great multipurpose theme, as is Parallax by Themify.


Adding Parallax Sections With Parallax Scroll WordPress Plugin

You may already be using a theme that doesn’t include a built-in Parallax effect, and don’t wish to switch theme. In this case, don’t worry. Parallax Scroll is a popular free plugin that adds a parallax scrolling background image to different elements on a page or post on your website. You can add a scrolling background to a single element, a header text, or a full section containing any content, all by using a simple shortcode.

Installing Parallax Scroll

To install Parallax Scroll, simply log into your WordPress dashboard as admin and select ‘Plugins > Add New’ from the Menu. Search ‘Parallax Scroll’ then select ‘Install Now > Activate’. You will now find a Parallax Scroll tab has been added to your WordPress menu.

Adding A Parallax Scroll Section

First, you must create a new parallax section. To do this, select ‘Parallax Scroll > Add New’ from your WordPress menu. Here you can now create your new Parallax section.

Secondly, you need to choose a background image for your Parallax effect. Select the ‘Set Featured Image’ button and add the image to the Featured Image section.

Make sure any images you choose are relevant to your site and branding. You want your effect to be as in sync with the rest of your website as possible.  If you are going to display a header or further content over the top of this background image, you may want to use a block colour or subtle patterns instead of a photo or an attention-grabbing graphic. This can help ensure that your image works with and promotes your content, instead of distracting from it.

Customising The Parallax Scroll Settings

Once you are happy with the content, you need to customize the settings of the parallax section to suit your page.

If you scroll down to the ‘Parallax Scroll Options’, you will see that under ‘Style’, you can change the parallax height and image size. There is also a full-width option, to force your theme to display the background image across the full width of the screen if it’s not already. You can also customise image scroll speed here so try out some different speeds to see which one you like the best.

Finally, there is also a Mobile Settings option, that allows you to disable the parallax background image and/or content on mobile devices if you feel the parallax sections are not working well on mobile.

Inserting The Section Into A Post Or Page

Next, you need to insert your parallax section into a post or page on your website. Select Parallax Scroll from your WordPress menu.

In the table presented you will now see a shortcode for the parallax section you have just created. All you have to do is copy this code and then open the appropriate page or post. Paste the code into the page’s content in the appropriate position.

Preview the changes and if you are happy with your new parallax section, click Publish. You can now create further sections to give the page or post a full parallax effect. And if you need to make alterations, simply re-open the parallax section’s page and make any necessary changes.



If your theme doesn’t have a built-in Parallax feature then don’t worry, Parallax Scroll has you covered. As we’ve shown you, having a Parallax effect on your webpage can have many benefits. Not only does it greatly improve the visual element of your website, it will help appeal to your audience, allow them easily navigate your site and access content, and increase the time they spend on your website. This improved user experience should ultimately help your site convert against its goals, whether they are to increase returning visitors, collect leads, or sell products or services.



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