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Want to Make Interactive Prototypes? Try Flinto

While it's simple enough to catch problems with your design when you're testing your interactive prototype, you won't have an opportunity to fix any issues before development starts. Modern creators want a simple and effective way to tap into their designs and discover the true potential of their applications before problems become unfixable.

With Flinto, you can create interactive prototypes that give you the flexibility and scope you need to test interactive prototypes from day one. When creating prototypes that look and feel just like the real application is this simple, testing out your apps becomes a breeze. What's more, you can try the Flinto application for free for a 14-day period, to make sure that you're comfortable using it before you purchase your license. Here are just some of our favourite features of Flinto.

1. Animated Transitions, Behaviours, and Scrolling

Creating a unique user experience for your project is simple when you have the immersive prototyping features that Flinto has to offer. With the Flinto transition designer, you can create animated transitions in an instant, and control them however you like, even with direct manipulation gestures. There's no programming or timelines to worry about; you simply place elements where you feel they fit best.

Once you're done with your animations, you can move over to the Behaviour Designer to create the micro-interactions in your screens that keep customers engaged. This is the perfect space to work on your switches, looping animations, buttons, and scroll-based animations. There's also the option to add your own scrolling features into your Flinto experience with an impressive click and create feature in the behaviour designer. Any section of your design can be made to scroll, and your segments are highly customisable, so you can even choose to nest one scrolling section in another.

2. Rich Drawing Tools

Creating the perfect prototype experiences wouldn't be possible without immersive and comprehensive drawing tools. The drawing tools available on Flinto allow you to create your own custom mock-ups for your applications or edit specific text and shapes imported from your Sketch applications. You can even use the Flinto drawing tools to animate curves in your vectors too.

Thanks to a natural and seamless integration with Sketch, importing your designs into Flinto couldn't be easier. Additionally, because the two apps are connected, if you change something in your Sketch design, you can import it again and update the existing design on your Flinto system.

3. Sharing and Collaboration

Prototypes are an excellent way to share designs and project ideas with team members. With Flinto, designing and testing applications on your iOS devices or Mac couldn't be easier. All you need to do is click the share and install button to send your prototype to your phone, or you can send it to someone else's number instead. You can type in as many phone numbers and email addresses as you like for a batch share.

If you're tired of sorting through numbers and email addresses, then you can also take advantage of the Flinto quick link feature. However, you won't be able to track this link as easily, because everyone will be using the same connection.

4. Easy to Learn

Figuring out how to make the most of your Flinto experience is a breeze thanks to the comprehensive community and the range of extensive documentation available on the Flinto site. There are more than 100 tutorial videos available to browse through on the Flinto website, as well as an active community that you can turn to for assistance.

Additionally, Flinto also has its own YouTube channel, Facebook group, and Twitter page to assist customers in search of support with their new prototyping tool. If you're in need of specific help from a Flinto specialist, then you can contact the customer service team via email, and you should expect a swift response.

5. Endless Options for Customisation

Finally, with Flinto, you can make your designs as customised and unique as you like thanks to a range of effects and features built into the application experience. For instance, you can explore:

  • Sound effects: Add unique audio files for different gestures on your UI
  • Video layers: drag and drop Gif files and videos into your designs
  • 3D rotations: use Filnto's 3D rotation tools to boost your animation strategies
  • Gif and video export: Download recordings of your prototype to share quickly with team members online
  • Dribbble integration: Choose from a wide variety of layout options with Dribble integration
  • Free-form canvas: Organise and change your screens in a way that suits you. Free-form canvassing makes even large prototypes easy to manage.

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