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The Best Inventory Management Tools For WooCommerce

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Any shop that sells physical goods has to deal with inventory management in some way and running an online is no different. If you've used WooComemrce by now you might be aware of the fact that its inventory management features aren't quite sufficient enough. While decent, inventory management requires a little extra muscle. The good news is that there are many great tools that integrate with WooCommerce to consider for managing your inventory. 

We've rounded up what we believe are the best inventory management tools currently available, that should make running your business an even smoother and enjoyable experience.


Stich automatically syncs inventory, orders and data across multiple sales channels, suppliers and fulfilment locations. This is a great tool for eCommerce stores that sell on multiple platforms and need to have one centralized location to view available inventory across those channels. Stich can also integrate seamlessly with other eCommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay. So if a customer places an order on Amazon or eBay, as well as on your WooCommerce site, all orders will automatically sync to Stich and be kept in one location. 

DEAR Inventory

DEAR Inventory is ideal for if you need to track raw materials alongside finished goods. DEAR will allow you to control sales, inventory, and shipping across multi-channels and is ideal for manufacturing companies as its manufacturing module helps you to track the cost of raw materials and labour in the production of finished goods. Just like Stich, DEAR is an incredibly robust inventory system that won't leave you lacking in features. 

WooCommerce Stock Manager

If your inventory management needs are not overly complex, then WooCommerce Stock Manager will likely do the trick. It allows you to manage stock, set stock status, set backorders, set stock, set price, set sale price and set weight for each product and variation. It also syncs up with Excel nicely to import and export data back and forth.


Orderhive is another great tool worth your time. It can integrate with all the major eCommerce platforms, including WooCommerce, as well as many other products such as Stripe, Amazon, eBay and shippers like UPS, FedEx and more. With this tool, you can centralize your inventory, manage multiple selling channels, ship and track orders as well as automate drop-shipping. Orderhive also has wholesale management tools and a robust analytics dashboard to help improve your store’s performance.


TradeGecko works with WooCommerce to sync your eCommerce store with its user-friendly inventory management. You can control your stock in multiple locations, manage sales and purchase orders and automate back ordering. You can also create a custom domain for a private online wholesale store for your distributors. TradeGecko offers a mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch that lets you manage your products and orders from anywhere and it’s free to all TradeGecko users. The product also integrates with many other applications such as QuickBooks and has an analytics platform to monitor what’s selling, who’s selling it and on what channels as well as create custom reports.


WooPOS is another powerful inventory management solution that you can try out for your WooCommerce store that helps you gather all the required information for inventory management in an organized manner. The purchase order management section of this plugin is flawless, offering you great grasp on stock adjustments. You can set a minimum threshold for stock value, upon which a purchase order will be created automatically. This will make sure that you don't lose out on a sale because the product is out of stock. In addition, it also helps you manage multiple sales channels and facilitate the easy movement of stock from one store to another.WooPOS also comes with a custom barcode label generator, which will help you a lot with product identification, logistics, procurement, etc. It also enables you to take into account the actual, physical stock value, when doing a periodic stock assessment too. 

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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