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The Best Instagram Plugins For WordPress in 2018

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Marketing on social media has taken off in a huge way, and Instagram is among the most popular platforms. With the average number of active people using Instagram daily exceeding 500 million, that’s a market that you shouldn't really ignore. If you’re using WordPress for your business or blog, there are a number of WordPress Instagram plugins that’ll help you tap into this market.

There are a number of plugins, both free and premium, that can help you with the basic function of embedding an Instagram feed on a page. Some are packed with many more features, and you’ll find out about them in the following list of what we believe are the best Instagram plugins for WordPress in 2018.

WD Instagram Feed

WD Instagram Feed does a good job of importing a single or multiple Instagram feeds into your website. You can display the images as thumbnails or in a lightbox, with or without a caption. The images can also be drawn using username or hashtag feeds. Images are retrieved from Instagram and not stored in the database, making the plugin faster to load.Although the plugin is easy to set up and use, not too many customization options are available. You’ll need to purchase the premium plugin if customization is important to you. The premium plugin will allow you to display images in masonry and blog style layouts and integrate comments. The lightbox will also display images as a slideshow with different transition effects. You get multiple fully customizable themes to style each layout besides video and filmstrip layouts and advanced filtering using conditions as well. 

Easy Instagram

Easy Instagram can create a gallery containing up to ten images drawn from a single user’s Instagram account or from an account with a specific hashtag.

You can add the author’s name to the image and link it back to the author’s Instagram profile page. The plugin does offer a few display options, but by and large, it is light on features. Its main advantage is that it's flexible and ready for any custom CSS you may want to input.


The InstaShow Instagram feed plugin gives you a great deal of control over the way in which your Instagram photos display on your website. The plugin is a top seller and is very flexible, allowing you to adjust 60+ parameters and to choose from 10 different colour schemes. It also works with Visual Composer to replicate that unique Instagram look on your website.

InstaShow supports multiple images in one post and sources images based on username, hashtags, and location. You can limit the number of images to display and adjust dimensions within the gallery. Data such as username, description, likes, and comments can all be made to display in a popup as well. It can also appear while hovering over an image. Additionally, InstaShow includes various options to change the UI, so you can adjust the navigation, animation, and speed of your image popups.


InstaLink isn't quite as rich is scope and features as some other plugins on this list, though it does give you some scope for customization. You can customize the image sizes, colours, and the point up to which users can scroll. This responsive plugin draws images from username and hashtags and even allows filtering the usernames based on hashtags.

It allows you to opt for a display of images in a gallery without any header. You can also use InstaLink as a WordPress shortcode, as a Visual Composer element, or as a WordPress widget.

WP Instagram Widget

WP Instagram Widget is perhaps the simplest plugin to use on this list. It requires minimal configuration and does not even ask for sign-in or login details. Therefore, it’s ideal if you want to import Instagram images without taking too much time to set up.

The plugin uses a simple markup and does not offer much by way of styling options. It provides filters to adjust cache timings to retrieve images from Instagram and you can filter video results and add a custom class to each link, image, or item.

Instagram Feed

Instagram Feed is the plugin for you if you want to display multiple Instagram feeds either in one consolidated feed or in many separate ones. The feeds can be drawn from many nonprivate accounts and displayed on a single page on your site or on multiple pages. Using shortcodes, you can customize the layout, size, colour, spacing, and more with this plugin.

Besides displaying a header, you can opt for infinite scrolling and a "Follow on Instagram" button. You can display the photos in random order or chronologically, and you can use CSS for more customization options too.

Instagram Slider Widget

A really simple plugin to configure and use, the Instagram Slider Widget creates a responsive widget that displays the latest Instagram posts. Up to 12 images from a public user and 18 from a hashtag can be displayed, either in a grid or on a slider. Thumbnails are stored in the media library, and you can set the time interval for checking new images. There’s no need to mess with any API access; your Instagram username will suffice.

You can link images to the user profile, image URL, locally saved image, attachment URL, or custom URL. The images can be sorted randomly or based on popularity or date as well.

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