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The Best Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugins For WordPress

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What Is A Page Builder?

Page builders are visual design tools that enable WordPress bloggers to use drag and drop tools to create unique designs that won’t be matched by free or premium themes. The market for page builders is growing quickly, as more bloggers are keen to run personalized versions of their designs, rather than using external themes. Our post today will feature more than 25+ unique WordPress page builders that you can use to create both sophisticated web designs, but also thoroughly simple, elegant and business oriented.


With almost 1 and a half million downloads, you can see that Elementor is another really popular choice among WordPress users for creating a website.

This page building package comes with an intuitive real-time customizer that's partially set to overtake the drag & drop system we're used too. The complete layout is customisable and Custom CSS sections are available for implementing. Furthermore, Elementor is highly responsive and adaptable to browsers or any kind of screen, meaning any images you choose to show will be rendered in perfect quality. The colour palettes too, are virtually unlimited, giving you vast control over exactly what you want your site to look like.

Moreover, Elementor lets you set amazing typography and iconography for a nice and different appeal. You can count on over 400+ icons and 800+ fonts to make your website look unique and stand out. An open source design and a focus on  SEO also mean this page builder is very well optimised and rarely runs into problems. Its code doesn’t fall behind either, as it is made with PHP7 and the latest coding standards. Video and audio posting or connection to YouTube and SoundCloud is available too.

Visual Composer

With more than 130,000 units sold, Visual Composer by WPBakery is one of the most popular drag & drop page builders on the market. This plugin is packed with ways to customize and edit pages, and it works in both back-end and front-end, allowing you to edit content directly from the page, or from your content editor in WordPress. With an inbuilt template system, you can create certain templates and styles and save them for later use in other page designs that you are creating. Don’t worry about search engine compatibility either, Visual Composer works hand in hand with the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress; Yoast.

Page Builder By Azexo

Page Builder by Azexo HTML is a premium quality page builder adaptable to any task. It is used to create a site from nothing and even provides extra pre-built choices for those who don't want to create their own theme. Azexo HTML uses CSS, JS and PHP files and codes to make the adaptation to your base theme painless and you can apply customized widgets and tons of pre-built sections to any page with just a single click of your mouse.

Furthermore, Azexo HTML provides a space for logos and specialized menus too. You will find inner pages compatible with third-party plugins and themes’ shortcodes. This is a page builder meant for professional experienced users who want the best.

Onepager - One Page Builder

Onepager WordPress plugin is perhaps the most modern of them all on this list, featuring popular framework integrations such as React.js, Bootstrap, LESS, and Gulp package manager to increased productivity workflow. The builder has been built in a way that prioritises the user experience over anything else.

Moreover, the builder works through Blocks, allowing you to quickly create custom layout blocks and populate them with a choice of User Interface (UI) elements. Although using such modern features, it’s still easy enough to navigate that even your parents could build a beautiful page design with it.

Free Landing Pages Builder

Are you in the online marketing business? Perhaps you’re selling a number of products and need to give each of them a unique approach? Free Landing Pages Builder by Wishpond could be your solution towards designing unique and attractive web designs for each of your products landing pages.

Because this plugin is tightly incorporated with Wishpond, the limitation of the free plan is that you only get 200/monthly form submission to your template, which could be a bit of trouble for new bloggers who don’t have the funds to make an investment, but then again — 200 form submissions should be enough for you to start making some money anyway.

What we enjoy about the feature list of this plugin is a selection of more than 50 unique templates upon which you can build and then integrate with the most popular marketing services online; real-time analytics, social media options, and much more; much, much more, saving you time from having to integrate them manually.

Live Composer Page Builder

we've been impressed with Live Composer Page Builder, not only because it is being offered to the community totally at no cost, but because it carries within its core some of the best live page building features we have seen, not many premium page builders can come close to what Live Composer has to offer. The technique of building pages here is that Live Composer relies on a blank WordPress theme where you use the Live Composer Live Editing Widget to create new module rows, and new element boxes that can be populated with your content in the form of design choices, and what is required for your business.

Summing Up...

The developers of drag and drop page builders recognize the importance of testing their products before buying. That is why they provide demos of their plugins.

If you want to find the right solution for your project, you need to do the necessary research and spend time building a page using the plugin in question. This will help you see firsthand what the plugin can do.

While it may be a pain to you to spend ten or fifteen minutes with each plugin to test whether a plugin is suitable, it's not a silly idea, particularly when the many premium WordPress products come with a 30-day money back guarantee. However, it is better to spend some time testing a plugin beforehand than struggling with it afterwards and requesting a refund.

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