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Textpattern: A Flexible and Easy-to-Use CMS

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A Content Management System can be the difference between failure and success in today's fast-paced online world. Textpattern CMS is a highly-responsive and elegant content management system that's free and easy-to-use. Web developers, designers, bloggers, and publishers alike all seem to appreciate its extensibility, flexibility, and high performance. Textpattern has a sophisticated and powerful engine that can easily be tuned to suit whatever website type you prefer.

The simple nature of Textpattern means that you can start publishing new content to your site within a matter of minutes. Additionally, if you are a designer or developer, you'll be able to control all the different elements of your CSS and HTML from your administration interface, with hundreds of different plugins available to choose from.

Textpattern works by using inbuilt tags to determine how it should retrieve and display dynamic content. You'll have complete control over the presentation and the content. Some of our favourite features include:

1. A Fast and Reliable CMS

The Textpattern CMS makes content management easier for companies of all shapes and sizes. This completely free open-source software builds on proven technologies for web development, and it doesn't mess up your HTML with additional script libraries or code dependencies either.

The people behind the Textpattern CMS solution deliberately worked at keeping their UI and tool core as responsive and lean as possible. In every element of the Textpattern experience, unnecessary clutter is removed to allow for a fully-accessible interface regardless of whether you're a pro or an online novice.

The administration UI is highly efficient and labelled clearly, and designers can produce well-structured websites that are standards-compliant and ready to perform. The "Textile" service for formatting web content is also built-in as standard.

2. Add Your Own Functionality

With the Textpattern CMS, you get a clutter-free solution for all the website support you could need. The company kept the core of the CMS as responsive and lean as possible, with the option to fully-extend your services via a range of unique and impressive plugins. If you need a special function for your website, you can simply find the plugin on the community forum or plugin service, and copy paste it into the plugin field on your backend.

Textpattern ensures that today's website owners don't need to know any JavaScript or PHP to use their Textpattern tool. The state-of-the-art community forum also allows you to create your own plugin if there isn't one available that suits your needs.

3. Write According to Your Preferences

While Textpattern ensures that website owners don't need to know coding languages to create their website, it also offers plenty of opportunities for you to upgrade using different languages. For instance, the CMS ships with support built-in for the Textile formatting language. You can also access the Markdown language through a website plugin. If you prefer, you can simply write in plain HTML or standard text.

The versatility of the languages on Textpattern doesn't just extend to the languages you use to code with either. The interface has support for over 40 languages, so you can always connect with different members of your audience community. New languages are constantly being added too.

4. Join a Fast-Paced Community

The community is easily one of the most compelling parts of the Textpattern experience. The company has placed over a decade of development into their CMS, with a helpful, friendly, and highly active community that surrounds the platform and ensures its long-term success. The Textpattern system is an open-source CMS which can be found within the GNU public licence V2.0. That means that all the developments take place on GitHub, where use contributions are encouraged from the back-end team.

5. Access Stability and Security

No matter what kind of website you plan on running, from a general brand hub to a blog and eCommerce store, it's important to make sure that you have a thoroughly-tested and highly supported CMS available. Textpattern offers this with updates that are tested by the community before each release.

Textpattern is based on components that are highly popular and well-known in the open-source world, including jQuery, MySQL, and PHP. It has a very small memory footprint, and there's an anti-spam comment system available too.

6. State-of-the-Art Support

Finally, the Textpattern CMS forum is well-renowned for it's highly helpful and friendly community. Not only are there plenty of opportunities to interact with other users who are always eager to help, but developers are on hand to solve problems too. Additionally, the in-depth documentation available which surrounds the platform makes sure you always have the latest information to work with.

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