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Starting an Online Shop? Consider LemonStand

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These days, there are so many different eCommerce platforms competing for the same selection of customers, that it's difficult to know which tool is going to give you the best way to reach out and connect with your clients. If you're looking for a simple and straightforward approach to eCommerce website creation that's designed to give you the most out of your online presence, without the confusion, then you could benefit from LemonStand.

LemonStand is a refreshingly unique eCommerce website builder platform that allows retail companies online, and subscription companies develop stores that appeal to their target audiences. Here are just some of the things we like about LemonStand.

1. The Freedom to Design

Although LemonStand is all about making the launch of your eCommerce strategy easier, that doesn't mean it restricts you from having complete control over your web design experience. In fact, with LemonStand you can customise every aspect of your customer's user experience, from the checkout process to the way that they see your products displayed.

LemonStand offers absolute control with customizable checkouts and no redirects - designed to improve conversion. At the same time, you can use a range of frameworks with the tool, such as Angular, React, and Bootstrap. There's even a LemonSync tool that helps to boost local development and workflow for companies tapping into the LemonStand experience. If you need a little help getting started, just pick from one of the platform's numerous open-source themes and start tweaking.

2. Sell However You Like

LemonStand is designed to appeal to both standard eCommerce retailers, and companies who offer subscriptions to digital customers. This means that you can either sell physical products, one-time products, or subscriptions, all without having to download additional apps and plugins. The whole system is set up with flexible pricing features too, so you can decide exactly how you want to run your business.

Users can create customisable and complex subscription products using custom fields, and there are unlimited product options, images, and variants to choose from. Additionally, you are free to offer everything from group-based pricing to wholesale options and discounts too.

3. CMS and Blog Features

Unfortunately, the "If you built it, they will come" approach rarely works with eCommerce websites. If you want to be successful, then you're going to need to grab your audience's attention. Fortunately, LemonStand makes it easier to do that with a flexible and convenient content management system, packed full of all the tools you need to create and promote your content.

Like the rest of the platform, the CMS system comes with complete design flexibility, so you can decide exactly what your content is going to look like. There's also complete control over your URL structure, meta-data, SEO, and more. There's a built-in editor to publish various web pages, blog posts, and announcements, and you can embed reusable widgets into your content with shortcodes too.

4. Extensions and Integrations

There's nothing one-size-fits-all about LemonStand - which is one of the things that makes it so appealing. The system comes with plenty of API developer tools, partner integrations, and extensibility so that you can essentially create the perfect system from scratch. With built-in integrations to dozens of popular web services and over 95 different payment gateways to choose form, you shouldn't have any problem creating the system your customers are looking for.

LemonStand is designed to give you what you need to build and transform your business. That means that everything you need to maximize your profits is available, along with plenty of extensions and integrations for those with a more complicated business plan.

5. Adapt to Suit Your Needs

The flexible store configuration tools that come worked into the LemonStand experience mean that you can match up your business needs to your consumer preferences and stick to your budget at the same time. You can customise your order workflows, manage your inventory automatically, and even configure tax information too.

What's more, to make managing your online presence less of a headache LemonStand that you have less of a budget panic to worry about too. The pricing plans for this tool come with support, updates, hosting, and all the core eCommerce features you need as standard.

6. Forget About the Complicated Stuff

LemonStand makes it easier for online companies to do what they do best - focus on running their business. The LemonStand team can take part of the tough stuff for you, including maintenance, infrastructure, and support with an enterprise-grade SaaS platform. This means that you can access everything from exceptional developer and user support to site-wide SSL, and an auto-scaling system too.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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