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Simplifying Your Development with Docker

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Docker is a containerisation platform designed to enhance business productivity by giving IT teams and developers the freedom to manage, build and secure business-critical applications without having to worry about being locked into a specific piece of technology.

The Docker system works by combining industry-leading container engine technology with an enterprise-grade container platform and a selection of services intended to make your day-to-day business life easier. The idea is that with Docker, companies will be able to enjoy building cloud-native and traditional apps on Linux, Mainframe, and Windows Server solutions so that you can quickly reduce your time to value.

What Makes Docker Great for Developers?

Docker was designed first and foremost for developers, which means that it's ideal for development teams. If you're looking for a system that will allow you to build and deploy new applications at a faster rate than ever before, Docker containers will help you wrap up your software and dependencies into a single standardised unit that includes everything you need to operate smoothly. Your containers will consist of runtime information, code, system tools, libraries and more. This means that your applications always run the same way, and you'll be able to collaborate more easily within your business.

Whether you build Docker containers on Linux or Windows, they're always backed by Docker tools and APIs intended to help you with building stronger, more robust software. With Docker, developers can:

  • Support Polyglot development with any language, tools, or stack, without having to worry about conflict.
  • Onboard faster and prevent the waste of hours attempting to spin up new instances, set up development environments, and make copies of production code.
  • Alleviate concerns over application security and ensure business consistency.
  • Eliminate environmental problems by packaging the configs, application, and dependencies into a single isolated container.

The Benefits of Docker for Any Business

Docker containers are available to use with free hosted lab tutorials, or developers can simply choose to download the Docker desktop application to begin their building strategy.

Because Docker is all about reducing the time it takes for you to launch your applications on the market, you'll have all the resources you need to boost your value chain. With Docker, companies can take part in true digital transformation, with a solution that helps them to manage all the complex clouds, applications, infrastructure solutions and more than they have today. What's more, you can rest assured that you'll be prepared for the future too.

The biggest benefits of the Docker system are:

  • Quicker time to market for applications: Since developers are all about rolling out new applications and services as quickly as possible, Docker makes sure that you always have what you need to stay one step ahead of the competition. Docker developers can triple their speed and deliver new services in no time.
  • Developer productivity boost: Give your developers the extra support they need by empowering them with Docker. Docker removes all the friction that comes with being dependent on a specific technology stack, so you can start shipping new code out as quickly as possible.
  • Deployment velocity: Enhance your path from development to deployment with containerisation. Docker breaks down the walls that stop DevOps teams from deploying their systems as quickly as possible.
  • Operational IT efficiency: Docker also improves operational agility by making it easier to automate and streamline the way that IT teams handle complex applications and infrastructure with a uniform operating model. The result is a simplified supply chain which improves security and scalability throughout the enterprise environment.
  • Faster issue resolution: Problems can happen in any environment: Make sure that you can access complete customer satisfaction and better service levels by accelerating your resolution time for issues. Docker comes with easy-to-use roll back features that allow you to deploy fixes quickly and easily.

Docker Makes Sense for IT Operations

Docker has emerged as a powerful tool in the development landscape, allowing today's developers to use the power of containers when they work on any application. Whether you're creating a new service, or you want to improve the performance of an existing application in your portfolio, your Docker solution will allow you to package code into containers and make your application more portable. What's more, when you need to manage complete portfolios of applications at once, Docker also offers an enterprise-grade container platform that comes with an integrated lifecycle and operations management workflow to support your technology ecosystem. The Docker Enterprise platform for containerisation provides you with complete access to agile operations, freedom of choice and integrated security so you can deploy and manage applications securely.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on. From £1.60 / month.

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