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Serpstat: A True Growth Hacking Marketing Tool

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If you want a quick and effective way to grow your business, then Serpstat could be just the tool you've been searching for. A comprehensive platform designed for search engine optimization and online growth, Serpstat can help you to get the most out of your online presence. Using the Serpstat analytics system, you can learn everything from what your competitors are doing, to which keywords you need to focus on if you want to rank high in your industry. Here are just some of the features we like most on Serpstat.

1. Backlink Analysis

Serpstat can provide you with an insight into your backlink strategy within a matter of seconds. It only takes one click to get started, and you can get a list of all your anchors, as well as referring pages and domains. You can look at all your backlinks data over a period of 120 days and keep track of competitor strategies at the same time.

If people are linking to you, you can also use the Serpstat trust rank to find out which domains are giving you the best quality of backlinks for your campaigns.

2. Reporting and Data Visualisation

Another great feature of Serpstat is its ability to help you understand the results you're getting from your marketing strategies. All of the insights you need into your latest campaigns appear on a simple, easy-to-use dashboard, where you can track your performance with a couple of clicks. You can set up email alerts to let you know when changes happen in your domain and keyword ranks and transform your data into diagrams and charts too.

If you want to show off the ROI of your marketing campaigns to your team, Serpstat allows you to download your results into fully-customizable reports which feature the name of your brand, your logo, and more.

3. Rank Tracking

Serpstat provides plenty of opportunities for companies who want to monitor their rank on the search engine results pages. You can get a top result overview of all the keywords you select and find out who's beating you to the number one spot. You can also look at how your keywords are ranking for local campaigns, and daily with unlimited searches.

If you want to dive into the details of your campaigns, then you can conduct independent searches for specific groups in your campaign and add more team members into the mix for extra perspectives and insights.

4. Competitor Research

If you want to get the best results in your industry, then you need to know what your competitors are doing. Serpstat allows you to gather useful intelligence about your competitors that you can use to support your decision-making strategies. You can automatically identify top competitors in your space and use the Serpstat domain vs. domain comparison tools to see where you need to improve.

Serpstat allows for batch analysis of up to 200 domains at once, so you can get a more detailed list of competitors, along with the SEO and PCC efforts that you need to consider.

5. Content Marketing Ideation

Need help creating incredible content? Serpstat has you covered. With this unique tool, you can search through the suggestions database for content creation tips. If you need new ideas to build on your existing content plan, then the related keywords database is sure to help. Additionally, you can also track the number of shares that your content gets on Facebook, to help your team understand how popular and engaging your posts actually are.

With Serpstat, you can analyse the potential traffic of each web page and make stronger decisions on which posts are best to promote, and which you might need to work on for a little longer.

6. Keyword Research

Finally, make sure that you're ranking for all the right terms with Serpstat's keyword research tool. You can collect keywords for your PPC and SEO campaigns that are most likely to generate results, with a list of proven and profitable terms for your niche. You can also determine the value of keywords by looking and measurements such as cost-per-click and search volume.

If you want to build on your semantic core, Serpstat offers keyword variations for you to browse through, along with long-tail keyword suggestions and international data insights. You can even analyse important keyword trends for your niche and find out which pages are showing up online when your customers search for a specific word or phrase. When it comes to hacking your development, you can't go wrong with Serpstat.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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