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Publii: The New Static CMS on the Market

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If you're looking for a simple CMS, then there's a new player in time, perfect for those who want to build their websites from scratch. Publii is the sophisticated open-source desktop applications for Mac and Windows computers that helps you to create simple and secure static website with almost no prior experience.

Whether you're starting fresh, or moving to Publii from WordPress, you're sure to get everything you need from this simple application. In fact, Publii even comes with a built-in WordPress importer service so you can transfer pages, categories, and blog posts within a matter of moments.

So, what makes Publii so special?

1. It's Incredibly Easy to Use

As convinced as most businesses are that they spend all their time online, the truth is that you can't rely on your connection to hold true forever. Sometimes, whether it's a throttling issue or a Wi-Fi problem, you could find yourself waiting to get back online and into your CMS service. Fortunately, Publii eliminates this problem by allowing you to manage your websites anywhere from your desktop. With one desktop app you can access:

2. Publii Loads Incredibly Fast

There's a good reason why some businesses still prefer static CMS solutions over dynamic options. Because Publii is static, your system makes fewer server requests compared to other site formats. This simply means that you can enjoy faster load speeds, which improve your SEO ranking and enhance the experience you give to your customers.

From start to finish, Publii has been optimised for speed, and it even runs exceptionally well on mobiles too, thanks to technology from Google AMP. Since it's crucial to give your customers a strong experience on your website today, a CMS that ensures fast loading is a great way to get ahead of the competition.

3. It's More Secure than a Dynamic Website

Another problem with a dynamic CMS is that you'll need to constantly update your system faster than new threats come out. This means that you're always racing against the risks that are ready to destroy your business. Fortunately, a static CMS like Publii allows you to keep your website safe, by working locally, so you don't have to worry about managing databases or security updates.

Presences designed with Publii are incredibly fast and almost impenetrable to hackers, so you can enjoy greater peace of mind. What's more, though your sites will be unavailable to hackers, that doesn't mean you can't collaborate with your colleagues. You can also share your site over your cloud storage system to let various people update your content.

4. Simple Customisation for Everyone

The creators behind Publii wanted to create a static CMS that was simpler than anything else on the market. The idea was that anyone should be able to access and use their CMS, no matter what your experience might be with HTML and coding. Publii can be as advanced or simple as you like. For instance, you can spend hours working on the structured data markup of your system with the Publii SEO features, or you can access option-packed themes to change the look and feel of your site in an instant.

Publii makes creating the ideal presence online simple, with extensive social media sharing options, SEO strategies, colouring choices and menu options too.

5. Publii is Futuristic and Constantly Evolving

By accessing the latest and greatest web technologies on the market, Publii is a fast and flexible CMS solution. You can streamline your development workflow with Handlebars support, use semantic HTML5 to get to grips with core features, and access CSS3 for styling too.

Thanks to it's incredible open-source community, Publii doesn't stay the same for long. Although it always maintains it's innovative approach to website design, and its enhanced security features, Publii's features are constantly evolving and improving. Quality of life suggestions, feature requests, and noticed bugs are all considered by the Publii developers, so you can enjoy the benefits of a static CMS that can stand the test of time.

Publii has it's own forum for those who want to explore new opportunities on the platform, and it's active on Github too, so you can go and submit your own code improvements, or access the improvements offered by other people.

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