14th May, 2018 | Blog | A Phenomenal Prototyping Tool

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How do you make sure that you're going to give your customers or clients a great experience with your new app? One of the most important stages of any development is prototyping. In fact, the critical nature of prototyping may be a good reason why there are so many tools out there that offer it as a solution.

While the broad selection of prototyping tools on the market certainly gives customers a lot to choose from, they also mean that it's harder to find the prototyping tool that works best for your team's workflow. offers a quick and simple solution to prototyping, which allows users to create fully-interactive and highly responsible prototypes without coding.

Today, you can even join the 500,000 developers and designers using with a free 15-day trial. Here's what we like about the tool.

1. Design with Ease

Streamlining the design process is essential in today's fast-paced marketplace. allows users to design their prototypes directly in the user interface, speeding up the design process with plenty of beautiful UI components ideal for both Android and iOS. You can also easily import designs from Photoshop or Sketch.

In the tool's most recent update, redesigned their entire UI to make it as simple and intuitive as possible. The interface brings plenty of great features to the forefront so that the tools you need are always ready and available for you.

2. Perfect Prototyping is all about giving users a simple and effective way to create exceptional prototypes. Within the app, you can add mouse or touch events for web and mobile and boost the flow of your app with an automated range of screen transitions.

The most recent update reimagined animation timeline options to support the fact that motion is playing a more important role in many customer experiences today. The 6 version offers a range of state transitions features to ensure that you can create stunning animations regardless of whether you have any coding or design skills.

3. Collaborate and Share with Ease

All great projects start with fantastic teamwork. On, you can share prototypes seamlessly with anyone on your team. Get video feedback or comments from users and conduct in-depth testing too. Single-Click sharing was introduced during the version 6 upgrade, which means that you can transfer your prototypes to co-workers with a single click.

4. Preview on Any Device

Want to check on your designs or show them off? With you can preview your prototypes on a range of different devices, all the way from web browsers, to various mobile devices. There's even a application for Android and iOS. The app is designed to help improve the experience of previewing mobile device prototypes. teamed up with another company, to provide unlimited recordings of facial expressions and user screens when people are interacting with a prototype - this could be ideal for those who want more insightful information about their app performance.

5. Interaction Tools

Since apps are all about having the right memorable experiences with your customers, include interaction solutions that make it easier to apply some of the most popular patterns and designs to your prototypes, including onboarding screens, slide-in menus, and scrollable content screens. You can add them to your project with ease and customise them too.

The interaction wizard even means that you can drag and drop the connections you like from an icon into your UI components so that you can generate experiences without any additional coding.

Recent Updates to

Besides the features mentioned above, also offers a range of new updates available thanks to the recent software update. Some of the new integrations and developments include:

The most recent update for is now available for a free trial test, and the company is currently searching for people who are willing to offer feedback or reviews on their experience too. You could help to shape this app as it grows.

Need Hosting? Try ours, it's fast, reliable and feature loaded with support you can depend on.

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