Growing A Twitter Following – A Run Through

by | Blog | 13th August, 2017

We’ve covered lots of promotional topics here on HostPresto over the past few months but today we’re going to focus on Twitter and more importantly, how to grow a following or audience. Now, this isn’t going to be a step by step guide with guaranteed riches. In all honesty your...

7 Sites for Web Design Inspiration

by | Blog | 13th August, 2017

You might find it surprising but very few web designers can literally just open Photoshop or Sketch and produce a high quality, visually stunning design right off the bat. Sure they can draw on past inspiration and produce something which perhaps resembles something they’ve built previously. But for something truly...

Our Top 5 Favourite Affiliate Networks

by | Blog | 10th August, 2017

Lots of the readers of this blog are interested in making money online and whilst we’ve talked a lot on how to actually do it, you’re going to need someone to facilitate it and that typically comes via Affiliate Networks. In short, affiliate networks match advertisers (the people who actually...

Driving Traffic Via Social Networks

by | Blog | 10th August, 2017

For most, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a somewhat untapped resource when it comes to promotion and traffic generation. Particularly for those old timers who think SEO and Google are the be all and end all of traffic sources. In this article we’re going to run...

What is WP-Cli And Why You Probably Need It

by | Blog | 4th August, 2017

Migrating Your WordPress Blog – Things to Remember

by | Blog | 28th July, 2017

Moving to a new host can seem like a lot of hassle. But with proper planning, it needn’t be. If you do things properly as I’ll outline below you’ll actually find the entire thing quite easy and certainly stress free. You might also be moving to a host as great...

Managing Freelance Clients – 5 Quick Tips

by | Blog | 28th July, 2017

Making the leap into freelancing is a big decision for most. Some do it out of necessity, some do it as they’ve become tired of the traditional 9-5 (or more specifically, their current employer) and some just do it because they crave the freedom that being a freelancer offers. But...

Becoming a Content Writer – 7 Things to Consider

by | Blog | 28th July, 2017

Lots of people think because they can string a sentence together or write comment after comment on Facebook then they have what it takes to become a content writer. This simply isn’t true and whilst being able to put words on the Interest does stand you in good stead it...

Employing Freelancers – The Pitfalls

by | Blog | 28th July, 2017

Most web professionals will consider hiring a freelance at some point. Usually it’s due to a lack of ability or lack of time. Or in some cases their entire businesses model may revolve around outsourcing and hiring freelancers. Regular businessmen rather than “tech guys” tend to adopt this approach. Regardless,...

7 Quick and Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Blog

by | Blog | 25th July, 2017

Most people don’t tend to look into blog performance until speed issues or outright downtime becomes apparent. Increased search rankings (yielding more traffic), a popular social share or a feature from a popular third party site can all highlight glaring issues with your blogs performance once it becomes inundated with...